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This is another one of our “Reviewer Focus” posts. We want to know more about our reviewers and their experiences with WinterPromise! Enjoy!
Hello Lisa! Tell us about you and your family? Where are you from etc!
We are a family of 6.  Our blessings range in age from 4-15.  We’ve been homeschooling for 11 years and reside in the Sunshine State!
What resources have you used in your time with WinterPromise?
We’ve had the privilege of using the Japan Unit Study with our 5th grader and Journeys of Imagination with our Preschooler.
What is a favorite memory you have using WP or Spirited Autumn Hope (SAH)?
I absolutely love the cuddle time I have with my preschooler while using Journeys of Imagination.  It warms my heart when he brings the schedule binder to me to hear the next story or do the next activity.
How does your husband get involved in the schooling?
He supports us in word, deed and prayer!  I do most of the teaching in the early grades.  He’s there for additional guidance and help for the olders who are doing advanced subjects.
For you and your family what makes WP so unique?
I love the well laid out schedule that includes hands-on activities. As a busy mom schooling multi-levels is a definite plus to be able to ‘open and go’ for the younger children.
What program haven’t you tried yet that you want to try?
Would love, love, love to try American Crossings 1 for my daughter.  I’ve realized this year she thrives using the Charlotte Mason method!  I’m Ready to Learn for my son for next year.
If you celebrate Christmas, what is a favorite Christmas memory or tradition you have?
We decorate the house on the day after Thanksgiving while listening to the Nutcracker.
How do your kids bring you joy? In what ways do they uniquely make your life amazing? 🙂
My kids are a constant source of amazement to me.  They are gleaning faith, knowledge, life skills and realizations  NOW that did not come to me until much later in life.  Think of all the heartache they will avoid!
Thanks Lisa! What a blessing to see you and your family grow together.