3 Reasons To Homeschool

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Homeschooling offers a lot of joys and advantages in the education of your children. There are also a lot of challenges and hard days when it comes to the education of your children. To encourage you through the hard days here is a list of 3 reasons you should continue to homeschool your children.

1. Parents Can Be Mentors To Their Children.

Mentorship is coming alongside of someone to help the see their weaknesses and strengths, and how they should grow to become people of character and integrity. Parents should be striving to be the best mentors to their children when it comes to the individual development and care that each child needs. Education is a central aspect to a child’s development and real life success. Parents are in a unique position to know how to teach their kids in a way that will help the be the most successful person they can be. Homeschooling provides the unique opportunity to be mentoring your child through the educational process.


2. You Know Your Child’s Learning Style and How to Best Teach Them.

There are a variety of learning styles that we as people learn through. Each child is unique in how they best take in information. Some learn best by hearing, some by seeing, some by handling and touching, others by reading and often your child learns through a combination of these. Some are more logical and thrive with hard facts while others learn well when communicated with in a creative way. There are so many unique aspects of our children and the way they learn is no different. Homeschooling provides the unique opportunity to teach and educate in a way that best suits their learning avenue.


3. Flexibility To Focus On Areas Of Interest And Excellence. 

Our Children all learn differently as discussed above but they also tend to have many different areas of interest and excellence. Some students may be very interested in building things while others pursue creative pursuits like art and music. One student may love reading about science while another loves reading and acting in plays. One child may be gifted in chess and math while another is a strong leader and excellent socially. All these different areas of interest and excellence should be cultivated. Not every child should be pursuing the same thing. In Homschooling you can design your school day with these differences in mind. With the extra time and flexibility you can pursue subjects and opportunities that other traditionally schooled students wouldn’t have the opportunity to do. Homeschool provides the unique platform of flexibility that allows you to encourage your child’s unique and distinct strengths and interests.


There are so many more reasons to Homeschool and so many more to talk about. What other reasons are there to Homeschool?