The WinterPromise Approach


In Addition to Providing You the Best of All Curriculum Approaches,
WinterPromise Also Provides You the Most Amazing Exclusive Resources Available!

Here’s Why We Publish So Many of Our Own Resources!

Reason #1 –  We Won’t Settle for Less Than the Best!
WP has high standards for the resources we include as part of our programs. We’re parents who homeschool, too. We aren’t happy with boring textbooks or books with activities you’ll never do!  So we produce resources you WILL use — resources that are intriguing and that have educational, high-quality, low-prep (or no-prep!) activities. Stuff you’ll actually do, things that are realistic and fit into your real life — so you spend time making memories.

Reason #2 –  WinterPromise Creates Unique Programs
Our programs offer a unique view of a time in history or provide a topical study that is different from other curriculums out there.  These unique studies require us to create resources that in many cases just don’t exist!

Reason #3 –  WP is Committed to a Cohesive Flow
Our exclusive resources fit together perfectly — intricate puzzle pieces that provide everything your family needs to have a marvelous learning experience. They provide a cohesive flow between programs and a unique sense of unity.

Reason #4 – WP’s Themed Programs Are Designed to Offer a Different Experience Each Year
Each theme has a different “feel,” so your family has a unique experience each year, and there’s no room for boredom! So, while your family will explore innovations and fads in American Culture, they will dig into archaeological topics in Ancient World.  This array of experiences comes from our own customized resources. They provide that unique flavor!

Reason #5 – WP Exclusives Save You Time
Our exclusives are created to keep you learning together with your kids, not prepping materials.  We keep things low-prep and easy for you, providing materials that integrate easily into your real life!

So, What Does That Mean for You?
WinterPromise offers a total experience that is unlike the experience you will have with any other curriculum.  PLUS — Most are jam-packed with content, are highly interactive, and above all – are practical and FUN!  WP exclusives aren’t the cheapest materials you’ll buy, but they often include content equivalent to several books, or include oodles of activities that are easy-to-do and educationally substantial, not useless fluff.