There Are So Many Choices!
Which WinterPromise Program Will Work for the Ages in My Family?

For a complete curriculum you will need a Themed Program + Language Arts + Science + Math. We have it all here at WinterPromise. To start you will need to to know what Themed Program (Social Studies Core) to start with. Below is a database of information for you see where you should start depending on the age of student you have.

We’ve assembled a database of answers to help you with choosing a program for your family.  As you get to know WinterPromise, you may have decided you have a few choices that might work.   Some options may feature a big plus, while another may have a downside for your family. 

In this database, we list out your options and share with you the advantages and disadvantages of each program choice, and offer answers for any concerns you may have about how to make it work for your family’s grades and ages. In addition, each option for your family is listed in order  of those we would most recommend to those that we feel would still work for your family, but may require some adjustment. 

A “smiley-face” rating system shows you how well each option matches up with the needs of your family.

A Quick Start

To use the database, use the ages of your oldest and youngest student and find the listing that matches your family.  When you click into it, you’ll find excellent advice to help you make your choice!

Read the other tabs above that apply to your family for even more helps.

For Families with 2 Students

With two students, you can use the suggestions in the database pretty much as is.  We have provided above a number of links that will take you to another page where you’ll find several different recommendations on programs that will work for your family.  Each page offers several recommendations that include the options listed in the order in which they are most highly recommended;  a “smiley-face” rating system that shows you how well it matches up with the needs of your family;  a list of advantages and disadvantages for each option;  and how to address any concerns you might have with each program choice. 

For Families with a One-Year Grade Difference

You may notice in the database list that we have not listed two children whose grades differ by just one year: for example, if you have a third and a fourth grade student.  Usually the choices are a lot more clear when students are separated by just one grade level.   Still, if you want to know the possible advantages or disadvantages to purchasing a certain program for your students, simply read the information that most closely relates to your students’ grades.  In this instance, you may want to read the pages on having a second grade and a fourth grade student, or a third grade and a fifth/sixth grade student.  The information here should key you in to any possible advantages or disadvantages you will face, or how to handle any adjustments you’ll have to make.

For Families with 3 or More Students

If you have three students, rather than just two, you can use this resource in one of several ways: You can read the passage that reflects the ages of your youngest and oldest student.  If there isn’t one passage that reflects the age of your youngest and oldest student (because it is too great a gap), you can read two passages, picking a     passage that reflects the ages of your youngest student and a student in the middle of your age range, and another that reflects the age of your oldest student and a student in the middle of your age range.  By reading both, you may find one or more programs that are commonly recommended for both, discover any advantages or disadvantages, and learn how to handle any adjustments you might have to make.


Which WinterPromise Program is Right for Our Family?
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