Welcome to Our Charter School Page!

This page is designed for you. On this page you will have access to a special catalog designed just for you. You will also find important information about us and how that will affect your order. This page also has a contact form which grants direct access to out Charter School Rep.

Need-to-Know Information

What kind of schools do we work with?
We work with all kinds of school including co-ops!

How would a package be purchased by a school?
We customize our packages for our schools making for easy purchase. Check out our Charter Catalog for more information and easy ordering.

How would a co-op order?
Use the contact email below and your personal representative will contact you with details.

What kind of school orders do we accept, including payment?
We accept pre-paid orders with any credit card. We also work with POs (purchase orders).

How would a school submit or place an order?
Submit your order either over the phone (231)303-1028 or via email. Orders must include
contact information for school, mailing address for print products, and email of family or contact person for digital products. You can mail it to the address below.

WinterPromise Publishing
Attn: School Orders
5490 East 48th St.
Newaygo, MI 49337

You may also email: michaelforwinterpromise@gmail.com with your order.

What is WinterPromise’s policy regarding our exclusive products purchased by a school for a family?
Any digital or print WP exclusive products purchased through a school for a family can ONLY be used for the family it was purchased for. The books used that are not WP exclusives can be reused by the school.

How can charter schools, private schools, or co-ops use our WP exclusives?
We work with all of these schools. Contact your personal representative at WinterPromise for details. We can help create a package price that will be a perfect fit for your class or co-op.

Are You a Teacher Looking to Purchase?

Are you looking for what it will cost you? Here is how it works! Each school and each situation has slightly different needs and desires. For that reason we customize a program just for you. Once you make contact with our representative we will see what your needs are and offer three separate options. You will be presented with print, ebook or even a combination of ebook and print. Because of this our pricing will be presented in an email that will reflect your specific needs. Each situation is different which means that pricing will vary depending on your school setting.

What information do I need to provide?
You should be ready to explain how you were thinking you would use our curriculum as well as how many students and teachers you have.

Contact Your Personal WP Representitve

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