Climb into the Crow’s Nest and Become a Pirate!

The new Pirate Pack will guide you on your way!  This fun pack is a part of WinterPromise’s “Adventures in the Sea and Sky” program, and is just one of the fun topics students love to delve into during this amazing year-long program.  So just what will your favorite ruffian discover about pirates in this awesome pack?

They’ll Read About:
Pirate Raids and Making a Pirate Living
Pirate Victories & Dreadful Scare Tactics
The Golden Age of Pirates
Pirate Entertainment & Discipline
Famous Pirates and Privateers

They’ll Have Fun with Pirate Activities:
Dress Like a Pirate
Raise the Jolly Roger
Make Battle Swords and Hook Arms
Create Sea Maps & Log Books
Outfit the Captain’s Quarters
Design Loot & Haul Containers

They’ll Play Pirate Games:
Pirate Attack Game
Fortune Mapping
Pirate Hoard
Treasure Ship Ho!

So — How About Trying a Micro-Study on Pirate Dress?
It’s taken from the Pirate Pack.  Click on the link below to download it and transform into a Pirate!

Click this link to download this FREE Pirate Dress Study!

Go here to purchase the full Pirate Journaling Pack.

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