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Lighten the Load Part 1

Lighten the Load Part 1: Dealing with the Burdens of a Homeschool Mom Have you ever seen the bicycles that have more than one seat? Big families sometimes use them if younger kids need to be able to keep up with the rest of the family. These bicycles have two, three or even four seats sometimes! […]


Translating Pinterest to Real Life: Part 2

Translating Pinterest to Real Life: Part 2 Last time we talked about the emotional challenges of Pinterest. We are tempted to expect every project, decoration, DIY, recipe and anything else we find to turn out as perfect as “Pinterest Perfect” What this can lead to is frustration, or even feelings of inadequacy. But maybe you […]


The Value of Friendship

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. – Woodrow T. Wilson Friendship is something we understand and value. It is something most of us desire in our own lives.  Growing up as a kid, friendship is what your life was centered upon.  The friendships you had drove the heartbeat of […]

The Right Mindset to Be Productive: Part Three

The Right Mindset Part 3 The last two days we have given you advice on how to accomplish what you have to for your family to function.  We have also given you advice on how to accomplish everything else that needs to happen in your life.  All the essential tasks that need to happen for […]

The Right Mindset to Be Productive

Choosing the Right Mindset to Accomplish Your Goals A person that aims at nothing, is sure to hit it. This famous piece of advice is often not followed.  What usually happens is either we have too many goals or we never focus on the goals that must accomplished. We have a tendency to not make […]