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Take a Trip! Introducing the WinterPromise Summer Adventure!

Take a Trip! Touring the National Parks with WinterPromise! Are you ready to take a tip? Have you ever wanted to drive around the country seeing the sights and getting sucked into every tourist trap you find? Family vacations and trips are a wonderful part of any childhood. If you had family vacations growing up […]

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Conquering 4 Common Questions Families Ask WinterPromise: How Does WinterPromise Help the Parent?

How Does WinterPromise Help the Parent? We are continuing our series on answering some of the most common questions we hear at WinterPromise. How does WinterPromise help the parent? This question is often not said so directly, but parents ask a lot of questions that relate to this issue. How do we help our parents succeed in homeschooling? […]

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Conquering 4 Common Questions Families Ask WinterPromise: What Kind of Curriculum is WinterPromise?

As a company we are new to a lot of people. This year a lot of you have called into our office for the first time, never hearing about us before recently! We love the opportunity to be able to impact so many families and to see our WinterPromise family grow! With so many new […]

The WinterPromise April Giveaway!

WinterPromise April Giveaway! We are doing another giveaway! 🙂 This book has been in our programs before but has gone out of print since. It is a great resource! So we are giving away: This book takes your child throughout history observing pivotal inventions that fueled the development of human history. Starting from the birth of […]

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10 Recommended Resources for Parents

  10 Recommended Resources for Parents Parents have the best, the hardest, and the most important jobs in the entire world: raising our children. Parents need a community to come alongside of them and encourage them. This may be friends, neighbors,  church,  family, or even reading materials such as magazines, blogs or other resources. No matter where you are getting […]

3 Reasons To Homeschool

Homeschooling offers a lot of joys and advantages in the education of your children. There are also a lot of challenges and hard days when it comes to the education of your children. To encourage you through the hard days here is a list of 3 reasons you should continue to homeschool your children. 1. […]


Parent or Teacher?

Parent or Teacher? The Roles Of a Homeschool Parent   The Struggle In Homeschooling there are a myriad of benefits. These benefits range from flexible scheduling, to creating family memories, to sleeping in! But in Homeschooling, like anything else, there are struggles and sometimes even pain. The struggle that we want to address today is the struggle […]


Marriage Before Mission

Marriage Before Mission by Michael Brooks Why Are We Talking About Marriage? In the last WinterPromise Blogging Series we talked about the central goals of a Homeschool family. You can find that post here. In that post the goals were listed in the following categories: 1) Rich Education 2) Growth & Development in Character Traits, […]