WinterPromise Resources Work Together Like the Spokes of a Wheel —
But Unlike Other Curriculums You Can Get Along Without One or More Spokes
That DON’T Work for Your Family!

Take a Look at Each of These “Spokes”!

History or Science Books form the backbone of the program, presenting information in an engaging way.

Interactive Experiences and Activities provide family memories and often require no prep and/or few supplies.

Notebooking includes interactive pages that reinforce student learning in a fun, creative way.

Technological Tools are provided in guides schedule weblinks, virtual experiences, DVD suggestions, and online field trips, travel landmarks, or museum highlights.

Timeline Building allows students to grasp how history flows and how events relate to one another.

Map Work is varied and helps your students master geography basics.

Bible Resources teach Bible basics, mentoring your student and later, Biblical history and geography.

Research Resources get older students using research tools, making educated guesses, analyzing ideas, and more.

Picture Studies instruct students on how to interact with art and the great artists.

Adventure Reading is a group of pleasure books scheduled to read aloud and take students back in time.