Premiere Notebooks

Premiere_Notebooks_GraphicA key element of WinterPromise’s programs has always been notebooks and journaling.  WinterPromise offers highly interactive and educational pages that add more content to your program, give students a second chance to interact with the information they’ve received, and allow students to show what they know. It’s all done in a fun format that is as much scrapbook and journal as educational tool. Kids may not realize how much they are learning because they are just having so much fun!

Some of our most popular programs have marvelously big notebooks that your students (and you) will love!  They are 200-300 pages long!  Have we mentioned how interactive these pages are?  The samples pages shown left should be proof of that!  Take a look!

Guidebook_Sample_Page_GraphicBThemed Program Guides

Your guidebook is an indispensable tool.  It features assignments on one simple, easy-to-read page, provides invaluable advice about teaching, and offers ideas for activities and reinforcement.

It serves as yearly planner, weekly supply organizer, daily schedule, and moment-by-moment helper.  Many of our parents have commented that opening their guidebook is like having a good friend at their elbow to keep them on track!

You can see samples of each theme’s guidebook in its section on this site!