Get_to_Know_WP_Page_7_ImageWhat You Find for Young Learners

Our youngest learners begin with programs that focus more heavily on crafts and do not have as many different kinds of activity suggestions as older programs do. “Pre-K/K Animal Worlds,” for example, has fewer suggested videos and “activity-based” ideas like games or cooking.  Instead, this program focuses on giving this additional space to alphabet activities written into the program, designed for learning and reinforcement for young learners. It has less written work, no independent work to speak of, and includes a few picture books (which our other programs do not); primarily because this is written to target young learners.  You see, this program is specially designed to meet the needs and interests of young learners, and to give them plenty of time to master reading, which is their top priority at this age.

Growing into Middler Students

As students mature, the programs American Story 1 & 2, Adventures in the Sea and Sky, Ancient World 4/8 and Children Around the World all focus on interactive opportunities with written work, and an emphasis on hands-on, experimental learning.  Independent work is introduced and gradually becomes a greater part of the program for middlers.  Students enjoy many different avenues for learning, and can tailor those opportunities to their preferred learning style.

Moving into High School Programs

As we move into our high school programs, the emphasis changes once again.  These programs focus on a balance between the hands-on experimental learning, research opportunities, written work, great literature and discussion sessions.  Hands-on learning is geared toward opportunities that really appeal to teens.  Some of these active learning options are “true-to-life” experiences in which students try their hand at a historical or current experience, profession, hobby, or trade. Students also gain profi ciency in research and self-directed study.