Get_to_Know_WP_Page_8b_ImageIntroducing WP’s Ebooks

WinterPromise offers ebooks or ebook collections so you can receive them as delivered downloads, and use them in all new ways!  These ebook collections are specially designed to look great on tablets or laptops, but they can also be used on a computer!

With WP Ebooks, You Can . . .

  • View guides and other resources on any device that supports Adobe PDF Reader
  • Read and teach from key resources on a device
  • Print your resources in print-friendly formats
  • Print unlimited consumables for your family
  • Receive a variety of resources in an ebook set, including reading books and so much more!
  • Take resources with you when on the go
  • Use helps from the guide while shopping or out for coffee!
  • Enjoy all new full-color resources, including new “Tablet” books — short, full-color topical ebooks — and “tours” of faraway places or long ago times

WP Ebooks Offer You . . .

  • GORGEOUS COLOR on resources that would normally be black and white.
  • QUICK DELIVERY – downloaded to you in 24-48 hours or less!
  • PORTABILITY – allowing you to school anywhere, even the couch!
  • EASY-TO-PRINT FILES – that let you print consumables, guide grids, anything!
  • EXCLUSIVE “BELLS & WHISTLES” RESOURCES – newly available items that would never have been produced because of limitations on page count, color production limits, or costs to produce. Now we have all new options in bringing the best resources to you!