Get_to_Know_WP_Page_9_ImageEbook Options

Ebooks are a flexible option for families who like color, flexibility, and greater functionality.

Advantages of Ebooks:

– Quick delivery, instantly downloadable after purchase
– Ebooks and ebook sets are less expensive
– Can be viewed and used on electronic devices
– Offer full color for many previously b&w resources
– Print unlimited consumables for your family
– Some ebook resources are designed to use multiple ways
– Easy to print on your own or Staples stores can do it
– Greater flexibility in using and printing
– Can be used on the go
– Can be updated in the future for a discount
– Many sets have bonus ebook-only resources

Disadvantages of Ebooks:

– Ebooks in each set are non-returnable
– Some books in set need to be printed
(Though they are easy to print at home or at Staples, where we’ve negotiated special pricing for you!)

Traditional Print Options

We offer print versions of all of our programs, and most resources come in print versions.  If you prefer largely ebook, it’s worth knowing you can always add individual items as print editions, if you would like.

Advantages of Print-Only Sets:

– No need to print
– Easier to use for those who are out of country
– Fully returnable, according to our return policy

Disadvantages of Print-Only Sets:

– More expensive
– Must purchase consumables for extra students
– Miss out on additional ebook-only resources