Last time we discussed some different issues that may be weighing you down as a homeschool mom.  These can include financial stress, perfectionism, weariness, or anything else that causes you stress. In this post we want to give you some advice on how to deal with the myriad of issues in your life that may be causing you stress.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. This is at the center of a lot of the struggles that moms have. Comparison is one of the most damaging things you can do to yourself. Homeschooling is a unique journey for each and every one of us.  No two families are the same since each has its own unique challenges and obstacles, therefore comparisons are usually not helpful.

Why do you always want to keep comparing yourself to others? Homeschool Mom of eight Simcha Fisher says,

“. . . you do feel like you have to prove yourself, that your kids need to be better than the public school kids academically. If you happen to go out during the day, you have to make sure everyone is spick and span and their shoes are matching,” Fisher explains.

Comparing your children to others, or yourself to other parents, inevitably becomes a question of apples and oranges—and of trying to do everything at once. “We wonder, ‘Are we doing enough?’ And then we overburden ourselves by thinking, ‘Surely we can do more.’”

Taken from an article on PBS –

You should not feel the need to prove yourself to others.  You should focus on you and your kids, not on what others are doing and what you think you are not doing.

  1. Find supportive friends and family. Finding a good group of friends that will listen to your stresses and support you is vital to any successful homeschool mom. You need friends so that you can be real with them. You need people in your life that you know it is safe to be honest with.


Friends are also important when you go through hard times.  They can be there to encourage you, and to help you make good decisions.  Everyone goes through hard times – homeschool moms are no different.  Make sure you have good friends around you for when that time comes.


  1. Find a daily routine and rhythm to your life, but be willing to be flexible. Having a routine can really help you get through the tough days. If you are having a stressful day, having a routine can help you get done what you need to get done, and it can even relax you. Not everyone is good at setting up a good routine.  Some have to work harder than others.  But we all end up in some sort of routine whether we try to or not.


That means you should make the most of your routine!  Include elements that help you enjoy your day, manage stress, and become efficient.  If you love coffee and alone time, get up a few minutes early to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and time to just sit and think.  If you want to exercise, try to include that in your week. A healthy routine and rhythm will help you manage the unreliable stress in life by being something reliable.


At the same time, you should not let the routine become the master of your life.  Then it becomes just another burden! Your life will not always go as planned, which means you need to be ready to go with the flow and understand that life does go a little awry sometimes.



If you have found a way to manage or cope with the stress that everyday life can bring, share on our Facebook page or email [email protected] so that we can share it with our WinterPromise family!