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This week we have a Language Arts freebie for you!!

LA 3 Mini-Study Cover


This is a portion of our 3rd grade Language Arts program for you to try out!

WinterPromise LA 3 Mini-Study on Verbs {click here to download the freebie PDF}

The whole year of 3rd grade Language Arts is entitled Tracking Down Good Grammar. Your child will learn about the 8 basic parts of speech with Scout, the WP dog, as seen on the cover above.

About the Grade 3 LA:

This program fully grounds the student in grammar instruction as students learn parts of speech and basic mechanics such as capitalization, sentence structure and types, and more. A rollicking-good time will be had with the workbook set, guided by the endearing dog, Scout, whose adventures are sure to have kids learning and laughing. Students continue to improve their reading skills, reading suggested books that range in length from 65 to 250 pages, but which have a consistent reading level achievable for this age. Students are expected to read about a chapter a day.

About the ebooks:

You’ll love the functionality and flexibility of our ebook language arts programs for grades 3-6. Each program is an ebook collection that includes a Guide and most of your language arts resources. These ebook collections are specially formatted to make them easy to view on a tablet or laptop, or print from your home printer and use. The language arts worktexts, for instance, can be printed as worksheets at home or in WP’s booklet format at Staples.

Best of all, your ebook purchase allows you to print as many copies of consumables as you need for your family. Printing consumables can really help you save on most language arts programs, as so many include several consumables.

Another change this year is that we are no longer selling readers as part of our 3rd-6th LA programs. With the advent of personal reading devices, tablets, smartphones, and laptops, more and more of these books are available in a less-expensive ebook format. Reader sets are still available as special order items, but we believe this offers flexibility to parents to choose to buy ebooks, or borrow books from a friend or library to reduce their homeschool costs. Instead, we are including eReading Schedules that schedule books and provide discussion questions.


Go to our store to purchase the entire Language Arts program!





We are so excited to share with you a brand new freebie for you to try out from Winter Promise!

This time, we are offering a freebie for PRESCHOOLERS!

Preschool Mini-Study Cover


So, if you would like to try out this mini-study with your preschoolers, please click on the link below! And let us know what you think!!

Preschool Mini-Study on Frogs & Pond Plants {click here to download your freebie!}

More about I’m Ready to Learn

This preschool curriculum includes 4 fun filled themes: farm, garden, pond, zoo. The freebie on this post contains the POND theme from this study!  You could use this with your preschooler over a span of 1-2 years, spending as much or as little time on each skill as you would like!

Includes these skills:

Logic & Thinking Skills or Readiness Skills

  • Sorting
  • Sequencing
  • Categorizing
  • Tactile Awareness
  • Guessing & Conclusions
  • Print Concepts and Writing Left to Right
  • Same & Different, Comparisons
  • Telephone Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills

Language Skills

  • Rhyming
  • Distinguishing Syllables
  • Letter Sounds – A to Z (You can pair this with just our Phonics Cards (#LA-201) or the whole Pre-K/K Basic Phonics LA program for even more phonics instruction)
  • Distinguishing First-Letter Sounds in Words
  • Sound Discrimination
  • Blending Sounds
  • Separating Sounds
  • Sound Manipulation
  • Beginning Handwriting
  • Recognizing Typed Letters
  • Word Building
  • Beginning Sight Words – am, can, see, and, are, a, at, is, go, like, here, my, you, the, dad, mom, I, to, me, we, look, love, was, said
  • High Frequency Words
  • Recognizing Word Meaning

Math Skills

  • Counting 1-3, 1-5, 1-10, 1-13, 1-19
  • Number Names
  • Number Recognition, increasing in speed
  • Writing Numerals
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Calendar
  • Time & Clocks
  • Liquid Volume
  • Measuring, in inches, feet and yards
  • Judging Distance
  • Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Oval
  • Pairs
  • Arranging in Order
  • Money & Cost – Pennies and later, Nickels
  • Beginning Addition
  • Beginning Subtraction
  • Number Manipulation
  • Story Problems

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Climb into the Crow’s Nest and Become a Pirate!

The new Pirate Pack will guide you on your way!  This fun pack is a part of WinterPromise’s “Adventures in the Sea and Sky” program, and is just one of the fun topics students love to delve into during this amazing year-long program.  So just what will your favorite ruffian discover about pirates in this awesome pack?

They’ll Read About:
Pirate Raids and Making a Pirate Living
Pirate Victories & Dreadful Scare Tactics
The Golden Age of Pirates
Pirate Entertainment & Discipline
Famous Pirates and Privateers

They’ll Have Fun with Pirate Activities:
Dress Like a Pirate
Raise the Jolly Roger
Make Battle Swords and Hook Arms
Create Sea Maps & Log Books
Outfit the Captain’s Quarters
Design Loot & Haul Containers

They’ll Play Pirate Games:
Pirate Attack Game
Fortune Mapping
Pirate Hoard
Treasure Ship Ho!

So — How About Trying a Micro-Study on Pirate Dress?
It’s taken from the Pirate Pack.  Click on the link below to download it and transform into a Pirate!

Click this link to download this FREE Pirate Dress Study!

Go here to purchase the full Pirate Journaling Pack.



Did you know WinterPromise offers world history for young students?  You’ll find it in our “Hideaways in History” program.

This program offers a variety of easy-to-use resources for students in Kindergarten and 1st grade.
Here’s what parents using this program can expect:

– Daily scheduling of everything you need to do in an easy, one-page format – in the Hideaways in History Guide
– Reading about history with the help of three mischief-prone insect friends – in the “Let’s Hideaway in History” Text
– Making a weekly historical “hideaway” inspired by the time-tested “tent” fun – in the book “Hole Up in a Homemade Hideaway”
– Additional fun and low- or no-prep history activities – from the book “On-the-Spot History Fun”
– Easy notebooking for students who aren’t really reading – from the “Make-Your-Own” Hideaway Book
– Weekly Bible memorization and learning program – from “Hiding God’s Word in My Heart”
– Other Resources that give you:  skills practice in phonics, math and more, science content, illustrated history text

Want to See the “Hideaways in History” Program for Yourself?
Download the Free Mini-Study on Rome by Clicking the Link Below!

Hideaways - Experience 2012 - Cover

Mini_Study_Rome_from_Hideaways_in_History {click here for freebie pdf}

Look at Hideaways in History on our website. 

Purchase Hideaways in History here. 


Children Around the World is one of WinterPromise’s most popular programs — and it recently added a lot of great new resources!  Resources like specially formatted ebooks to enhance each country study, and fun resources like Native Costume Stand-Ups and Country Doodle Placemats.  Parents also love the easy to digest book, “Children of Many Lands,” in which they learn about the history and geography of 3o countries, together with neat information on its traditions, celebrations, cities, landmarks, and more.

Then there are the “you-can-do-it,” easy activities WP has included to introduce your family to the “flavor” of each country.  Great recipes, fun to try games, traditional activities, plus crafts or real-life experiences — these all round out the ready-to-do activities WP has put together for you, to make this program as easy as can be.

To add real meaning and depth to this program, WP offers information on the lives of children, not only in their everyday lives around the world, but also in other settings.  It allows students to see how kids in other parts of the world long for simple things like clean water, a school to attend, enough food to eat, or even just to stay healthy.  It gives kids a chance to do some neat volunteer activities and look at how much they themselves are blessed.

But the heart of this program really is the huge notebooking resource.  WP’s “Travel Diary” for this program includes text on the notable landmarks of each country, its flag and a country map, special finish-it-yourself native costume pages, intriguing mysteries or facts on natural places or manmade cities, castles, towers, or ruins, and so much more!  The Travel Diary runs more than 300 pages long to keep students completing a lot of interactive work and having a blast!

If this wets your appetite for finding out more about this fantastic culture and geography program, you’ll want to enjoy a free download of a study of Great Britain excerpted from this program.  It is below, along with a link to check out Children of Many Lands at winterpromise’s website,

Head Here to Check Out Children of Many Lands Yourself!

Click on the Link Below to Download the FREE Great Britain Study!
It takes awhile to download, because it is 100 pages long!



Read more about Children Around the World on our website here. 

Purchase any of the Children Around the World curriculum here. 


It’s always great to see a new program ready for our parents.  Our new “Dinosaur Days” Science has just been released, and is an awesome new addition to WinterPromise’s line of science programs.

“Dinosaur Days” is a great “ancient science” program that comes alongside any study well, but works especially well for parents studying the Ancient World.  It begins with a study of the days of Creation, and then works through the simple machines utilized by men at the beginning of time.  Then, it spends many weeks on the lives and different kinds of dinosaurs, finishing with several weeks on fossils, digs, and paleontology.

This program really challenged me to think about God’s incredible creative work.  Some of the dinosaurs you encounter in this study sport huge sail-like barbs on their backs — some as tall as 6 feet high!  Others have elaborate horns or crests, while still others have strange bony heads.  Discovering their unique design gives you a fresh appreciation for the wonders God has made.  This study allows you to peek inside the world of the dinosaurs, get a sense of their size and lifestyle, and so much more!

You might want to take a peek yourself — at a sample of the student notebook for the Dinosaur Days program!



While dinosaurs are only found in bone beds now, other creatures still declare His creative glory.  I found myself looking around for reminders each day of things I “forget” to see that God sends our way.  One of them recently was a bunny spending time eating outside a basement window, curiously looking inside at our family while we enjoyed watching him!  God’s wonders really are everywhere!  Have you enjoyed one of these “wonders” lately?

Find Dinosaur Days on our website here. 

Purchase any of the Dinosaur Days science here.