This week I have another wonderful review to share with you from Wendy who blogs at Following In His Footsteps! Wendy is using Children Around the World this year with her children and has written an introduction on how they are liking this program so far!

Children Around the World review


Here are some of the things that Wendy is looking forward to as her family uses Children Around the World:

What I  Look forward to about reviewing Children Around the World

  • We will be learning more about many countries, which will mesh well with our overall studies as a family.  We were already planning to learn more about other countries and cultures this year when this review opportunity came along. God knew what I needed well before I did!
  • We will get to plan and take part in what Winter Promise calls ‘Cultural Gatherings’, which includes planning and cooking food from several of the countries we will study, for family, and sometimes friends. A celebration, something I love!
  • Included along with all of the other components of the digital program is a guide for how to use Children Around the World. I especially enjoy this feature, as I always like to read the directions before preparing a recipe, playing a game, or building anything.I am very much the same with a curriculum package. Once I know the ins and outs of how it is supposed to run, I may then make changes to suit my family.
  • Though this program is digital, I am not stuck using it only on the computer or printing it out for use! While one can print out all of the files and store them in a large binder if preferred, the files can also be placed in Dropbox and read on my iPad. I can even open it with Kindle and read that way. This will be so much easier than printing everything out or reading on my Mac, and I am grateful that it is an option available to me, so I had to share it with you!

To read Wendy’s full post, hop over to her blog!



Today I want to share with you how Jennifer, from Royal Little Lambs is using Animals & Their Worlds in their home!

Jennifer says…

I cannot express how pleased I am with Glow in the Dark Fish. I had never heard of it before. It is a whole family Bible study, worshiping God through creation. It’s a book after my little naturalist heart. We’ve been in awe of God through spirals and Fibonacci and other patterns in nature. Liz and Alex drew spirals in spider webs and snail shells as I read that lesson. 

It is ah-may-zing! The kids want to read it every day, but it’s listed on the curriculum guide as once a week. It’s a fave. 

We went ahead and completed the animal height chart (we’re supposed to do just the animal we’re learning about each week, but I didn’t have the heart to tell them no after we completed the construction and first sticker). The kids loved this so much! We also made little stickers for the kids and our cats. 

Jennifer shares a lot more on her blog, so check out her full review of Animals & Their Worlds!



I am so excited to share with you today about another Winter Promise family and how they use the curriculum in their home!!

Pauline shares on her blog about how she combines Animals and Their Worlds with Children Around the World!! I’m going to share some of her info here on our blog, but click over to her place to read the full post!

Here’s what Pauline has to say about using Winter Promise and how they combine the 2 programs!

max absolutely LOVES animals and learning about them. so when i stumbled upon winter promise’s animals and their worlds, which a science-based curriculum, i totally jumped on it. we will be going through seven different habitats and studying the animals that are found in them. i’ve spent the last couple weeks going through the teacher’s guide and the resources/books that come with the boxed curriculum, and we even tried out some of the lessons, as random topics of discussion about specific animals came up throughout our days. i have to say that, from what i see and what we’ve tried so far, we are SUPER EXCITED about it!

Here are the Winter Promise exclusives they are using from Animals & Their Worlds: 

– the teacher’s guide

– the habitats, hallows & homes journal

– the animal notebooking pages

– the animal height chart

More subjects & how they included Children Around the World

i am also adding my own component to it as well. since being convicted about some things lately, i’ve been trying to communicate with the kids that there is a world out there with children just like them, yet whose lives may not necessarily look the same. i decided that if we were going to essentially be traveling the globe studying habitats, we might as well take a closer look at the countries those habitats are located in, and meet children who live there! so basically i am adding a very, very, light, introduction to geography/world cultures component to our animals/habitats studies to help give max a global perspective of the world and to enlighten him on the needs of those in other countries so we can pray for them and find ways to help them.i found out winter promise offers a children around the world curriculum that focuses on the plight of children in different countries, but it’s lessons are geared towards older children. i ended up spending a lot of time looking through the specific resources contained in that curriculum and ordered only a few things from them that i thought would possibly compliment our studies this year, and would be age appropriate.

Winter Promise Exclusives they are using from Children Around the World

– children of many lands (i like how the book is written as if you are meeting a child from that country, and he or she is basically giving you a tour of their country)

– the maps & map figures (which are SUPER COOL!!!)

– and the personal involvement and prayer journal (which i purchased in ebook format, and will be the base of our bible-related studies this year)

I love reading about how other families are using Winter Promise! This is the first time I’ve personally read about a family using TWO programs and combining them! How fabulous does their school year sound?!?! If you want to read more details, please check out Pauline’s blog!


We love sharing how you are using Winter Promise in your homes!

This week I would like to share a few links and pictures with you from around the web…

Leigh, from Little Homeschool in the Woods shares about starting off their new year with Winter Promise!

Amy, from A Nest in the Rocks, had an English Tea party to start off their Children Around the World year!! Read more about their tea party and how they are using Winter Promise in their home on her recent post.


Amber, from The Classic Housewife, is using our Dinosaur Days program with her science loving son who was eager for more science! It looks like they are having a great time! Read more about their fun with Dinosaur Days AND enter her give away for this program which will end on August 16th.



Amber, from Classic Housewife, did a fabulous review of our Dinosaur Days program on her blog!!

AND…she is giving a copy away at a facebook party Thursday night. It’s called Mommy Time and we wanted to invite you to come along with us! 🙂

Here’s an exerpt from Amber’s review:

Dinosaur Days – Like a big ancient science unit study, and then some!

For our Summer School, the kids and I have been digging into one of the WinterPromise science programs – Dinosaur Days. Dinosaur Days is an ancient science study which begins with Creation, progresses through each day of Creation studying light, air, water, earth, plants, and animals, and then moves on into topics such as simple machines, geology, fossils and dinosaurs.

The program is set up to be worked on two days a week, but since the kids and I were doing our “no math summer school” we enjoyed working through it several days a week. It’s geared for grades 2-5, but even my oldest really enjoyed doing it with us. It’s no surprise that my son enjoyed it most of all. He was eager to get to the experiments and other projects.

Please click over to her blog and read the rest!!

And, don’t forget to join the Mommy Time facebook party for your chance to win your own copy of Dinosaur Days and many other prizes!


Sometimes for Winter Promise Wednesday I will be sharing links around the web with you that might be of interest to Winter Promise families!! I also would like to highlight some of our programs or products that you may not be aware of!!

First up: Hole Up in a Homemade Hideaway!


Hideaways in History is a year long program geared towards Kindergarten and First grade students, focusing on history and science! You can read more here about what this program involves and what you will be studying. But, it includes learning about some of the most significant times in history and creating your own hideaway as you learn! FUN!

You will see several individual resources that go along with this year long program. One of those is called Hole Up in a Homemade Hideaway! This is one small product that goes along with the year long program. You could use it with Hideaways in History, or you could use it on its own!

You can find Hole Up in a Homemade Hideaway here on our store site.

Amy, from A Nest in the Rocks, shares how they will be using this product in their home! Here is what Amy says…

I must say, I’m fascinated with this book.  My Little Man is now in first grade, but my Big Helper is in third, so she’s a few years’ past what this book is geared towards, but she’s looked it over and can’t wait to get started.

There is a full years’ worth of hideaway directions in this book, so that’s 30+ building plans.  We won’t be using the book in this way –  we usually park ourselves in a given time period and stay there for several weeks, so we won’t get through the entire book in a year; but who says we have to?

We’ll be using this book for years to come.  Rather than use it as the base of our curriculum (which would be great, if that’s how you plan) we tend to use it as an extension.  It will be a fabulous supplement to the units that we’re already planning.

Come October, when we are learning about ancient Egypt, both as a family and in our book club groups, we’ll be building cardboard pyramids and decorating them with hieroglyphics.

Read Amy’s full post here.

Did you know that Winter Promise is on Pinterest? We have some FABULOUS boards going that are designed to help you with whatever program you have chosen to use with your children!!


There are boards for ancients, american history, language arts, science and more!!

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We are so excited to share with you Cathy Duffy’s latest review of Winter Promise!! We thought it would be fun to have a give away to go along with this newly published review!


You are going to be on a HUNT for the answers to a few questions from Cathy Duffy’s review

Then come back here, post your answers with Rafflecopter, and there will be several other ways you can enter as well!

Give away ends Friday, July 12th at 12am.


One winner will receive each of the following:

35-page Pirate Pack 

{a fun pack that would be great as a stand alone “fun” summer unit, or with our Sea & Sky theme, or with Ancient History!}


The Big Book of Earth and Sky 

{this great resource would be useful to many homeschoolers, including those using our Sea & Sky theme or any other geology study!}
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