Amber, from Classic Housewife, did a fabulous review of our Dinosaur Days program on her blog!!

AND…she is giving a copy away at a facebook party Thursday night. It’s called Mommy Time and we wanted to invite you to come along with us! ūüôā

Here’s an exerpt from Amber’s review:

Dinosaur Days ‚Äď Like a big ancient science unit study, and then some!

For our Summer School, the kids and I have been digging into one of the WinterPromise science programs ‚Äď Dinosaur Days. Dinosaur Days is an ancient science study which begins with Creation, progresses through each day of Creation studying light, air, water, earth, plants, and animals, and then moves on into topics such as simple machines, geology, fossils and dinosaurs.

The program is set up to be worked on two days a week, but since the kids and I were doing our ‚Äúno math summer school‚ÄĚ we enjoyed working through it several days a week. It‚Äôs geared for grades 2-5, but even my oldest really enjoyed doing it with us. It‚Äôs no surprise that my son enjoyed it most of all. He was eager to get to the experiments and other projects.

Please click over to her blog and read the rest!!

And, don’t forget to join the Mommy Time facebook party for your chance to win your own copy of Dinosaur Days and many other prizes!

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