Examples of WinterPromise Experience Approach “Experiences”


Just what does WinterPromise mean when they say they offer the “Experience Approach”?  By that we mean that WinterPromise is just brimming with experiences:  learning experiences, real-life experiences, and more.  What are examples of these kinds of experiences?  Here’s a sampling to show you what we mean:

Learning Experiences:
Creating a 3-D Lewis & Clark Map
Comparing How Grassland Grazers Choose Their Food
Designing a Temple Wall for an Egyptian Ruler

Natural Experiences:
Taking a Noun Walk
Measuring the Length of Dinosaurs
Journaling the Life of a Tree for a Year

Real-Life Experiences:
Examining an Ancient Stele like an Archaeologist
Looking through Homesteading Records like a Geneaologist
Creating a Crime Scene Drawing like a Crime Scene Investigator

Online Experiences:
Taking a Virtual Tour of a Castle
Following the Timeline of Viking Invasions
Visiting an Archaeological Dig in Real Time

Creative Experiences:
Preparing an Industrial Revolution Exhibition
Building Your Own Great Wall
Outfitting a Pirate Captain’s Quarters

Notebooking Experiences:
Assembling a Customized Looseleaf Notebook
Adding Field Trip Pages and Your Own Creations
Completing Interactive Notebook Pages on History & Science

This is just a sampling of the kind of “Experiences” that WinterPromise offers to parents.  Each one has an educational focus, not busy work.  Together with interactive notebook pages, and DVD suggestions you’ll love, parents will find there is something for everyone in our family-oriented packages.  The experiences WP offers are based on the Multiple Intelligences, and each scheduled activity appeals to one or more of these learning avenues that connect with a certain type of learner.  No matter how many different kinds of learners are in your family, there are plenty of experiences just right for them!

THAT’S the “Experience” Approach at Work in WinterPromise!

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