WinterPromise Idea Fair Booth

Welcome to the WinterPromise Idea Fair “Booth!” We are so glad to have you with us today. We are excited to be able to partner with you and IDEA in  your homeschooling journey.

A Quick Hello!

Hello! WinterPromise is a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum that uses a variety of learning experiences to create an adventure. This adventure sparks and stokes curiosity, discovery, joy, family memories, and true educational development! The learning experiences we create are designed to serve children of all kinds of learning styles and is built upon the knowledge of the multiple intelligences. Beyond all of that we strive to make everything as open-and-go as possible so you the parent has less stress, less prep, and more joy! Come on an adventure with us!

Below we have broken up our programs that may be perfect for you depending on the age of your students. But, if you have questions check out the links below.

Read about the multiple intelligences here!
Read about how the multiple intelligences impact homeschooling!
Read about our most frequently asked questions!
Do you have questions about our Themed Programs?
Do you have questions about our Language Arts?
See inside one of our popular science programs here.

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