Investigate the Human Body & Forensic Science with 3rd – 7th Graders

Are you ready to explore the human body? Have your students expressed an interest in forensic science? This program may be exactly what you are looking for.  In this WinterPromise science program you will work through a study of human anatomy. Along the way your student will also learn about how forensic science helps identify people by using the smallest amount of evidence. It is a truly exciting and rich program.

In this article you will learn about the resources in this study and how they work. Special attention will be given to our full-color student journal, Your One-of-a-Kind Human Body. You will be able to see inside of our easy-to-use guide and get a sense for the open-and-go nature of the program. Here is a list of resources included in this study: Human Body & Forensics 3/7 Guide, Your One-of-a-Kind Human Body Journal, Exploring the History of Medicine, The Human Body for Every Kid, and Detective Science.

Human Body & Forensics 3/7 Guide

Our science programs are intended to complement our themed programs. For that reason we have made our science guides simple. The week is laid out in two-day format but can easily be adapted to fit your needs. There are families that use our science programs over the course of four days or even do it all in one! There is flexibility in the design of the guide to fit your situation.

As you will see the guide is broken into three sections; read and complete, journaling, and activities. These three sections should take anywhere from as quick as fifteen minutes to as long as forty-five minutes to complete. The notes section will include any special instructions that the teacher or parent may need to complete the work. Below, you can see all that you will study in this program.

Your One-of-a-Kind Human Body Student Journal

This resource was newly released last year and was part of the update that this program underwent. This journal is a standout in this program as it brings together all the best elements of our WinterPromise Journaling. The Your-One-of-a-Kind Human Body Journal will work with and add to the other three resources in this program to truly make for an enriching experience.

The journal is full-color with incredible illustrations. We desire that every resource we select or include in a program is as interesting and engaging as possible. Our journals truly make our programs come to life. That is true of our Human Body & Forensice 3/7 program as well. They include incredible illustrations, in-depth information, interactive journaling pages, reinforcing lab reports, and hands-on learning for the whole age range.

See a sampling of pages that will highlight the engaging nature of the journal below.

This program will bring study of the human body to life. Studying forensic science combined with this journal will make your study of the human body fun, engaging, unique and easy to fit into your homeschooling. If you have more than one student all you will need is an additional journal. This makes for an easy way to include multiple students.  For even more information and pricing check out the main page for this program here!