Exploring Word Pictures Aboard a Starship

Focus on choosing the right words to express your written ideas. To learn more about this program click on the “Language Arts 6” package below. To download a sample from this program, select the product you would like to sample and click on “Resource Sample” at the top of the description.

What Will My Student Learn?

LA 6 Student Worktext Set gets your student traveling through space with the crew of the U.S.S. Endeavor. They’ll follow a mission with Captain Kendall, Lt. Kress, Ensign Fisher, Ensign Will and other starship officers as they sharpen their grammar skills throughout the year. Students will evaluate a passage, practicing what they’ve learned in years past, as well as adding new skills in grammar, mechanics, and word usage. It should be a fun ride!

Alien Spelling Word Attack brings together provide a year’s worth of spelling work. The activities presented in this book are varied and interesting. They will learn how to utilize key spelling guidelines including prefixes and suffixes, homophones, hyphens, troublesome word endings, silent letters, double consonants and more. These guidelines will help your student master spelling for a lifetime. Most students connect well with the spelling skills that are taught, as they are troublesome spelling patterns this age often wrestle with. In addition, the way the skills are presented is quite engrossing and a fun challenge that also works well with this age group.

Creative Writing offers weekly ideas that give your student a creative outlet for their imagination and encourage them to express their thoughts in a written form. Your student will work on a wide variety of word usage skills in the WP
resource, “First Contact,” as well as key writing skills like character development, plot planning, and editing their work.
Writing worksheets in Appendix 1 offer instruction and help students to understand and break down what they need to do
for their weekly assignment.

This LA 6 program is set up differently than LA 3, 4 or 5, as the “teaching” of the concepts is all in their “Navigation Log”, which is in the guide.  The reason the teaching is not nested within the program is two-fold. First, it reflects a progression on the part of the student. By sixth grade, most students would have encountered most of these grammar concepts twice before beginning sixth grade (though we do recognize that might not be the case for transfer students). In sixth grade, we want to give the student a chance to demonstrate knowledge of these concepts without reminders or instruction unless they need it. This gives them strategic practice remembering the concept on their own. If they don’t remember it, or need help on the “fine points” of the concept, this is all included in the Navigation Log.

Second, this progression is utilized throughout the year by students encountering ALL the concepts they’ve learned thus far in a random fashion through exercises that do include a variety of concepts. Thus, they encounter the concepts repeatedly throughout the year. As this is true, it also makes space a problem, so, to avoid parents having to purchase six workbooks rather than four, we provide the student with the Navigation Log.

What Resources are Scheduled?

  • LA 6 Guide
  • LA 6 Workbook Set (A, B)
  • First Contact Student Workbook
  • Alien Spelling Word Attacking
  • Spelling Dictionary for Writers
  • Advanced Words I Use When I Write
  • Reading Schedule for Suggested Literature

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