WinterPromise – Making a Complete Curriculum

Are you looking for a complete curriculum?  Are you intrigued by what might be meant by a “complete curriculum”? If you fall into either of those categories this is the place for you.  Below you will read about what a complete curriculum is and how WinterPromise can fit into that model.

What is a "Complete Curriculum"?

A “complete curriculum” is a curriculum that provides all major subject areas (History, Culture, Geography, Science, Language Arts, Math) into one program.  That would not mean you use one set of books but it does mean that you can purchase one “set” and know that all of your subjects are covered.

Strengths and Weaknesses of a Complete Curriculum


The strengths of this design are: 1) Simple ordering. Each child can have one purchase made for them and everything is taken care of.  2) Content already chosen.  In its purest form, when choosing a complete curriculum for your child they are often put on a track where their history and other subjects are already chosen for them. They will have years where they do a certain time period in history.  They will also be placed at a certain level of math and language arts.  This makes your job easy in the sense that you do not have to decide what to do next because it is already planned for you.


The weaknesses of this design are: 1) A lack of customization. With a pure form “Complete Curriculum” you are set on a certain path with much less flexibility.  There may be ways around this but the design of a complete curriculum is that the student stays on their particular path. 2) Combining multiple students is expensive if not impossible. The design of a complete curriculum in the purest form can often make combining students impossible.

Creating A Complete Curriculum

A Complete Curriculum the WinterPromise Way

We still see the benefits of a complete curriculum and want to be able to offer that for our families without the stiffness of not being able to combine multiple students easily.  WinterPromise is built on creating programs that can easily combine multiple students while also offering everything you need to make a complete curriculum.

The way you would create a complete curriculum with WinterPromise is by purchasing a Themed Program + Language Arts + Science + Math. WinterPromise offers all of those and the ability to coordinate them to feel streamlined and themed.

Themed Programs

Our Themed Programs are the core of what we do. These programs provide your social studies core: history, culture, geography and devotionals. Certain Themed Programs even include a science credit  (Adventures in the Sea & Sky – science included up to 6th grade & Animals and Their Worlds – science-based curriculum for up to 4th grade).

Why are they called Themed Programs? One of the core values and educational philosophies of WinterPromise is that we want each year to be a new experience for your family that is joy-filled and creates memories.  Each Themed Program is built around a specific feel or theme that is unique to that year. In Adventures in the Sea & Sky you will go on an adventure aboard ships, places and even space craft.  In Quest for the Ancient World you will be on a quest for the hidden treasures of the ancient world. In our Children Around the World program you will travel the world visiting the children and experience their unique experience.  Each program is designed to create new memories and new experiences that will be different for your family each year you are with us.

Our Themed Programs are designed to be appropriate for multiple age groups. This has a two-fold purpose: 1) You can customize which programs you do each year in which order. This is flexibility! 2) If you have students within that age range, it also means you can put them in the same core program! How is that done? Many themed programs offer a small set of WinterPromise exclusive resources that would need to be purchased for the second student along with the standard package. These usually range between $40-$80. Now you can have two students (or more!) doing one program in a very affordable manner. This makes creating a complete curriculum for two students much more affordable and keeps your children learning the same thing!

Language Arts

Our Language Arts programs can be done on their own or they can be coordinated with many of our Themed Programs. In each Language Arts program, from 3rd grade and up, you are given the option to add a literature set to the program. These sets can be coordinated with a particular Themed Program you are doing so that they feel connected and streamlined. If you are doing early American history for your themed program you can purchase a literature set that has their books from that time period. This makes a very unified experience in your homeschooling.


WinterPromise science programs are fun and engaging without being too time consuming. The guides are laid out into 4-day schedules but can easily be simplified to 2 day schedules as well. Some of our most popular science programs are: Equine Science, Dinosaur Days, Human Body & Forensics and the World Around Me.


We sell math programs as well. WinterPromise sells what it recommends as really good math programs. Not every program will fit every family but we have chosen a selection of approaches and styles that should give a good experience for any kind of family. Our most popular math program is our Living Math.

If you are not looking for a complete curriculum each of these programs can be done independently as they all have their own teacher’s guides and schedules. WinterPromise offers the flexibility and option to add multiple students into our Themed Programs which can make homeschooling much more affordable.  We also include Timeline and Notebooking work which are used in our  Themed Programs.