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Our 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade language arts programs focus heavily on laying a solid foundation in all grammar concepts. Our desire with these programs is to see that kids truly understand grammar concepts and become adept in using them as well. Students will enjoy discovering grammar with Scout, solving mysteries and digging up clues with Cliff, and fighting off alien invaders in our LA 6 program.

What Makes Our Middle Grade Language Arts Uniquely WP?

  • Yearly Storyline & Theme
    Each of our Middle Grade Language Arts has a storyline and theme that make learning grammar fun!
    Mischievious Scout tries to stay out of trouble as he learns about grammar in LA 3 & 5. Cliff uses his
    skills with grammar to solve intriguing mysteries in LA 4. And in LA 6, aliens invade and try to disrupt
    our language with difficult and confusing spelling words.
  • Student Workbooks
    Our Student Workbooks include grammar, handwriting practice, cursive writing instruction, and
    weekly writing ideas. (Spelling and vocabulary is covered in other workbooks scheduled in the program.)
  • Theme-Linked Writing Assignments & Independent Reading
    Our middle grade language arts are cross-curricularly linked with our themed programs. This means
    that each week the student will choose the writing idea suggested in their workbooks that coordinate
    with their study — such as: “American Story 1,” “American Story 2,” “Children Around the World,”
    “Adventures in the Sea & Sky,” “Quest for the Ancient World,” and “Quest for the Middle Ages.”
    Our LA programs also schedule independent reading that is linked to our themed programs. You can
    also purchase reader questions to go along with the reader set of your choice.

This program fully grounds the student in grammar instruction as students learn parts of speech and basic mechanics such as capitalization, sentence structure and types, and more.  A rollicking-good time will be had with the workbook set, guided by the endearing dog, Scout, whose adventures are sure to have kids learning and laughing.  Students continue to improve their reading skills, reading suggested books that range in length from 65 to 250 pages, but which have consistent reading level achievable for this age.  Students are expected to read about a chapter a day.

Students will solve grammar “mystery cases” as they continue to focus on grammar studies, and reinforce the grammar foundation laid down in LA 3.  The LA 4 program includes language arts resources designed to help your student gain proficiency in grammar, begin cursive writing instruction, increase their reading comprehension and speed, and continue vocabulary building. 

Master the basics of writing a good paragraph! Scout has returned with all new adventures in Alaska that will guide students through the basics of writing a good paragraph.  The creative writing is focused on constructing paragraphs of various types, from instructive to descriptive and more.  Along the way, Scout will help students move forward with their grammar studies to more difficult concepts such as direct and indirect objects, clauses, verb phrases and more while reviewing basic usage and mechanics.  Students will also continue practicing their cursive writing skills.

The power of expression is in good word choices! Students will focus on choosing the right words to express ideas when writing. This program includes language arts resources designed to help your student gain proficiency in spelling, continue with more advanced grammar study, learn to sharpen their writing skills, and continue vocabulary building. It also includes a guidebook that offers creative suggestions to coordinate with your themed program.

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