It’s always great to see a new program ready for our parents.  Our new “Dinosaur Days” Science has just been released, and is an awesome new addition to WinterPromise’s line of science programs.

“Dinosaur Days” is a great “ancient science” program that comes alongside any study well, but works especially well for parents studying the Ancient World.  It begins with a study of the days of Creation, and then works through the simple machines utilized by men at the beginning of time.  Then, it spends many weeks on the lives and different kinds of dinosaurs, finishing with several weeks on fossils, digs, and paleontology.

This program really challenged me to think about God’s incredible creative work.  Some of the dinosaurs you encounter in this study sport huge sail-like barbs on their backs — some as tall as 6 feet high!  Others have elaborate horns or crests, while still others have strange bony heads.  Discovering their unique design gives you a fresh appreciation for the wonders God has made.  This study allows you to peek inside the world of the dinosaurs, get a sense of their size and lifestyle, and so much more!

You might want to take a peek yourself — at a sample of the student notebook for the Dinosaur Days program!



While dinosaurs are only found in bone beds now, other creatures still declare His creative glory.  I found myself looking around for reminders each day of things I “forget” to see that God sends our way.  One of them recently was a bunny spending time eating outside a basement window, curiously looking inside at our family while we enjoyed watching him!  God’s wonders really are everywhere!  Have you enjoyed one of these “wonders” lately?

Find Dinosaur Days on our website here. 

Purchase any of the Dinosaur Days science here. 

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