We are so excited to share with you a brand new freebie for you to try out from Winter Promise!

This time, we are offering a freebie for PRESCHOOLERS!

Preschool Mini-Study Cover


So, if you would like to try out this mini-study with your preschoolers, please click on the link below! And let us know what you think!!

Preschool Mini-Study on Frogs & Pond Plants {click here to download your freebie!}

More about I’m Ready to Learn

This preschool curriculum includes 4 fun filled themes: farm, garden, pond, zoo. The freebie on this post contains the POND theme from this study!  You could use this with your preschooler over a span of 1-2 years, spending as much or as little time on each skill as you would like!

Includes these skills:

Logic & Thinking Skills or Readiness Skills

  • Sorting
  • Sequencing
  • Categorizing
  • Tactile Awareness
  • Guessing & Conclusions
  • Print Concepts and Writing Left to Right
  • Same & Different, Comparisons
  • Telephone Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills

Language Skills

  • Rhyming
  • Distinguishing Syllables
  • Letter Sounds – A to Z (You can pair this with just our Phonics Cards (#LA-201) or the whole Pre-K/K Basic Phonics LA program for even more phonics instruction)
  • Distinguishing First-Letter Sounds in Words
  • Sound Discrimination
  • Blending Sounds
  • Separating Sounds
  • Sound Manipulation
  • Beginning Handwriting
  • Recognizing Typed Letters
  • Word Building
  • Beginning Sight Words – am, can, see, and, are, a, at, is, go, like, here, my, you, the, dad, mom, I, to, me, we, look, love, was, said
  • High Frequency Words
  • Recognizing Word Meaning

Math Skills

  • Counting 1-3, 1-5, 1-10, 1-13, 1-19
  • Number Names
  • Number Recognition, increasing in speed
  • Writing Numerals
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Calendar
  • Time & Clocks
  • Liquid Volume
  • Measuring, in inches, feet and yards
  • Judging Distance
  • Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Oval
  • Pairs
  • Arranging in Order
  • Money & Cost – Pennies and later, Nickels
  • Beginning Addition
  • Beginning Subtraction
  • Number Manipulation
  • Story Problems

 Go to our store if you’d like to purchase the entire study!


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  1. Kim K
    Kim K says:

    I am so excited about the preschool program! I purchased it to do with my 3 1/2 year old daughter starting this Fall. After checking out a sample, I realized how amazing this program really is. I plan to stretch it out over the next couple of years with her, allowing her to join in with her old brother’s studies. He is also doing WP this year and we plan to stick with WP for many years to come. After trying at least six other popular curricula, WP takes the cake as the best fit for our family!


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