Timeline building offers students a chance to get to know the flow of history by recording dates and events into a timeline book.  Students write in their timeline book as they learn key events and their significance in their main program. They can also write in dates important to them personally, such as family events or things they learn in their own reading time.

 Several Components are a Part of WinterPromise Notebooking:

~  The Spine – Our “Timelines in History”
~  Interactive Notebooking Pages
~  Timeline Figures
~  Field Trip Pages
~  Old World Style Maps for Mapping
~  Various Geography Resources

On the next few pages, you’ll learn about our unique “Timelines in History” timeline, and WinterPromise’s interactive notebooking pages.  Then, you’ll go on to learn about timeline figures and the other resources that are a part of WP notebooking.

 You’re going to love what you see!