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Have you been introduced to WinterPromise?  WinterPromise is a Charlotte-Mason inspired curriculum that brings together the best of ALL your favorite homeschooling approaches! WP’s “Experience Approach” with and rich learning fulfills Charlotte’s vision!

Here’s How:

  • The Learning Methodology, Nature Journaling, & Joy of Learning of Charlotte Mason
  • The Living Books of the Literature Approach
  • The Practicality of Workbooks Used Thoughtfully
  • The Hands-On Fun & Cross-Curricular Advantages of the Unit Study
  • The Repeating History Cycles & Chronological Ordering of the Classical Approach
  • The Technologically Exciting Aspects of Internet Resources & Video
  • PLUS — the Most Educationally-Rich & Interactive Notebooking Pages Anywhere!

This sample will give you just a taste of what WinterPromise offers.  Check out the rest of our website to find samples of all our WinterPromise Exclusive Resources!

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[threecol_one]Hideaways in History EXPERIENCE Cover






FREE 4-Week Volcanoes Science Study

Try this marvelous 4-week study, which includes these lessons:

  • What is a Volcano?
  • Where Do We Find Volcanoes?
  • Plate Boundaries
  • Types of Volcanoes
  • Volcanic Eruptions, Parts 1, 2 & 3
  • All About Lava
  • Lava Formations

This science study focuses on nature notebooking, great experiments, virtual field trips touring Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park or lava tubes and more, plus other interactive online resources!  You’ll encounter the Ring of Fire, plate tectonics, the many types of eruptions that happen around the world, and do it all with colorful illustrations that help kids really understand this topic!  This fantastic study DOES NOT require any other materials.  It is complete and will give you a real sense of the kinds of easy-to use and educationally-rich studies you’d experience with WinterPromise.com and our sister site, SpiritedAutumnHope.com.

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[button link=”https://winterpromise.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Volcanoes_FREE_Study_by_WinterPromise_Student.pdf” style=”download” bg_color=”#422310″ window=”yes”]FREE Volcanoes Study by WinterPromise – Student Portion[/button]

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No matter whether you try our humanities Themed Programs, our Science Programs, or our Language Arts, you’ll find they all share a common thread of joy that builds family memories!   WinterPromise specializes in offer the most unique Exclusive Resources in homeschooling today!  You’ll encounter intriguing content, lots of hands-on projects with each theme, fun science programs and language arts that really reaches your kids — all with WinterPromise’s unique “You-Can-Do-It!” Practicality!