Tricks in the Thicket


These write-in readers are unique in that the worksheet pages are linked to the adventures the students are reading from the write-in reader.  This creates a unity among the learning and keeps the story they read fresh in their mind.  Children are creating habits in their reading at this young age and this lays the ground work for awareness while reading.  That is why the reading comprehension activities are so crucial.  Later on students are expected to tell-back, narrate, about what they’ve learned and gather from a large paragraph the goal of that paragraph – what is trying to be said.  This resource along with our other early language arts program and the student books within build and increase in difficulty of this helping kids to master their reading and other skills.

This student book continues the story line begun in “Syllables to Sentences” language arts, but follows after the student book, “Play on Pine Nut Street,” scheduled as part of “Paragraphs to Pages.”  Many things are changing for Mac and Nip as their adventures continue.  They will see new things and meet new critters.  One little critter will meet a terrible bear!  Your student will enjoy reading these stories and may even ask to read ahead, as they are left wondering what will happen next!

Concepts This Student Book Covers:

Week 10:  Word Ending “ALL,” “ALK,” & “OLD”

Week 11:  Phonogram “OO”

Week 12:  Phonograms “EA,” “EY,” & “IE”

Week 13: Phonograms “OI” & “OY”

Week 14:  Phonograms “OU” & “OW”

Week 15:  Phonograms “AU” & “AW”

Week 16:  Phonograms “EW,” “UI,” & “UE”

Week 17:  Phonograms that Make the “s” and “j” Sound

Week 18: Silent Letters


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