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Here we interview one of our newer reviewers! Her name is Mindy! Here is a link to her review:


Hi Mindy, tell us about your family? 


I have been married to brad for 9 years. Pipiri is almost 5. We met at a gym and he works in the fitness industry.

What interests or hobbies do you enjoy?

I am a fitness fanatic:) i run, lift weights, strength train, and do yoga. We live an active fit lifestyle as a family. My husband is an avid golfer. And we try to instill the importance of being physical daily.


How long have you been homeschooling your kids? And what drew you to homeschooling?

I am a certified teacher K-6 and taught for many years. When pipiri was born i started reading to her basically the moment she came home from the hospital. I continued to read to her daily for the first year of her life. And by about 12 months she knew her alphabet and sounds. She knew sight words soon after that. And by the time she turned 2 she was reading. So it just sort of happened naturally. Reading daily turned into homeschool.


What is your favorite part or parts of homeschooling?

Never missing anything! I know her better than anyone. Ive seen every developmental milestone! I get to experience her completely. When she learns things for the first time i get to see the expression on her face. Such as playing violin.. We have been working on a mew song Lightly Row and after many meltdowns this semester and a lot of patience from me… She got it!!! An amazing accomplishment for a 4 yr old!


How do you balance family time, your blogging, your working out, and other responsibilities? It has to be hectic at times!

We don’t do TV or computers with Pipiri. So i only blog when shes in bed. Being that brad works at a gym.. I am able to workout there and he takes care of her during that time. We limit activities to one per day. Because i dont like to rush or be too busy.


What keeps you going when things aren’t going as well as you would have hoped? 

Oh gosh?!? This is a hard one. Pray. Leave the house. Go for walks. Turning loud music on and having dance party. Crafts. Baking. Seeing friends.
Taking lots of breaks. (Especially being that Pipiri is still only 4 but working on a 1st grade level all the way up to a 4th grade level in reading… Can be a huge challenge.) Taking breaks makes a huge difference. Being that she is young.. 4 but working at a much higher level…can be challenging. She reads at a 4th grade level sometimes even higher so i have to realize shes 4 and not 9. Taking breaks.. Many breaks thruout the day helps. Going for walks…listening to loud music helps us both. We then get to breathe and enjoy each other.


What is your favorite animal and your favorite color?

Favorite color to wear pink. Fav color to see blue and yellow. Fav color in my house blue. Pipiris middle name is Bleau.


What are some “field trips” you have taken that have created some awesome memories for you?

Farms. This fall with my Waldorf Homeschool group we visited several. And being that they are out of my element.. I love to see her in a natural environment with sweet animals…Hugging them.. Trying to cuddle them! She loves sheep!! Calls them. Wants to pick them up.

What did you love about WinterPromise?

I love how organized Autumn Spirited Hope is. How you can pick and choose if you need to. And how other resources are provided such as other books to read which we love!!


How would you like to improve as a mother and homeschooling Mom?

Staying on a schedule is always difficult for me. I try to do most of our school before 1 pm. Then we can clean, do errands, and do obstacle courses at my hubs work. 🙂


What does the future hold?

The future is always bright! For 2015 pipiri will be advancing into first grade being that we school year round.. That may be at the end of spring.


Thank Mindy! We are so glad that you love WinterPromise and we hope you the best!