Did you know WinterPromise offers world history for young students?  You’ll find it in our “Hideaways in History” program.

This program offers a variety of easy-to-use resources for students in Kindergarten and 1st grade.
Here’s what parents using this program can expect:

– Daily scheduling of everything you need to do in an easy, one-page format – in the Hideaways in History Guide
– Reading about history with the help of three mischief-prone insect friends – in the “Let’s Hideaway in History” Text
– Making a weekly historical “hideaway” inspired by the time-tested “tent” fun – in the book “Hole Up in a Homemade Hideaway”
– Additional fun and low- or no-prep history activities – from the book “On-the-Spot History Fun”
– Easy notebooking for students who aren’t really reading – from the “Make-Your-Own” Hideaway Book
– Weekly Bible memorization and learning program – from “Hiding God’s Word in My Heart”
– Other Resources that give you:  skills practice in phonics, math and more, science content, illustrated history text

Want to See the “Hideaways in History” Program for Yourself?
Download the Free Mini-Study on Rome by Clicking the Link Below!

Hideaways - Experience 2012 - Cover

Mini_Study_Rome_from_Hideaways_in_History {click here for freebie pdf}

Look at Hideaways in History on our website. 

Purchase Hideaways in History here. 

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