Spend a year exploring energy: heat, electricity, magnetism and light.

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What will you study?

Get energized this year with our Jiggle, Jostle, and Jolt Science program! Your student this year will be study a lot of different topics — Heat, Energy, Light, Electricity & Magnetism. Each week your student will work through several resources. These resource work perfectly with our “Jolt! Lab Book” to create a living, hands-on, and rich learning experience. You will learn about thermal energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, lighting, voltage, sound waves, electromagnetic waves and SO much more! This is a truly fantastic program.

What resources are scheduled?

  • Jiggle, Jostle, and Jolt Guide
  • Jolt! Lab Book
  • Energy for Every Kid
  • Heat & Energy (God’s Design Series) (Not included in our package)
  • Exploring the Science of Light!

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