Elementary & Middler Geology and Earth Science Program.

To learn more about this program click on the “Rock Around the Earth” package below. To download a sample from the guide, select the guide below and click “Resource Sample” at the top of the description.

What will we study?

In this amazing study you will dive into everything geology. Our student notebook and living books will take you into the depths the earth. Exploring volcanoes and experiencing earthquakes while studying rocks and minerals. Easy, fun, and enriching experiments fill this program to make it hands-on and interactive every single week. Each week your student will work through several resources. These resources are designed to be done orally together with the parent, but could be done independently if the student is older and accustomed to working on their own. Most students should be able to complete “Lab Reports” in “This One-of-a-Kind Planet Earth” on their own, and can complete science activities and experiments
together with a parent or sibling. Younger students may be able to dictate “Lab Report” answers to a parent.

What resources are scheduled in this program?

  • Rock Around the Earth Guide
  • Our One-of-a-Kind Planet Earth
  • The Case of the Missing Mountain ISBN: 978-0890515938 (Will Need to Be Purchased Elsewhere)
  • Rocks, Gems, & Minerals ISBN: 978-1582381329 (Will Need to Be Purchased Elsewhere)
  • Our Planet Earth ISBN: 978-1600921544 (Will Need to Be Purchased Elsewhere)
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