One of the  ways to incorporate more science into your school day is with simple nature study! Charlotte Mason (and Winter Promise!) believe that nature study is one of the best ways to learn about the world around us.

Do you take nature walks with your family? Such a simple, yet fun and meaningful, way to study nature AND make family memories at the same time! Nature walks is one of the 5 simple ideas for nature study that we shared earlier!

If you’ve taken nature walks before, this week, why not try a NEW way to take a nature walk?


In our science program called The World Around Me, this is one of the many wonderful experiences you will share with your child! Why not try it today?

How to take a Senses Scavenger Hunt

1. Ask your child if they can name their senses and know what they are.

2. Discuss each sense and how it helps us to discover the world around us.

3. Explore one sense at a time as you walk.

4. As you start your walk, ask your child what hidden treasures he can find with his EYES and sense of sight.

5. Continuing along, ask your child what fascinating parts of creation he can HEAR with his ears.

6. Make it a game! Tell your child you SPY something that they could explore with their sense of TOUCH.

7. Still walking, see if your child can name anything they can SMELL with their nose.

8. As you finish your walk and head toward home, if you haven’t seen anything yet that would be safe for your children to TASTE, tell them you have a treat waiting back at home that will allow them to try out their sense of TASTE. 🙂

9. In a later nature post we will discuss keeping a nature journal, but for now, if you don’t have one, just grab a piece of paper and have your children try to recall all the things they found on their SENSES SCAVENGER HUNT. Discuss with your child the TREASURES that we have all around us to explore in the world around us!


Find more nature study inspiration on our Nature Study pinterest board

{these directions are not directly out of The World Around Me, just a fun idea to try out!}


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