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If you have a Pinterest account you are like millions of other people. You may use it to keep track of photos. You could be one of those people that it turns out to be your big pile of internet ideas and “junk.”

A39WB3 Piles of household rubbish at a recycling depot in Berlin Germany

You may also be a DIY fanatic that crawls all over Pinterest looking for that perfect project that will turn your hole-in-the-wall closet into an HGTV masterpiece. You could be the person looking for that perfect word of encouragement to get you through the day. Whatever you use Pinterest for, something seems to be not quite right.  When you do something that is inspired by Pinterest, your finished product doesn’t quite seem to be all that Pinterest promised. It is not exactly perfect. Things did not go nearly as smoothly as it seemed they would or the finished product is not quite what you wanted.

What you see in front of you is not quite what you see on your tablet or computer. It may look or turn out looking exactly the way it should, but something is not quite right.

The frustration you are sensing with Pinterest is that you do not have the “Pinterest Life.” You have a real life.  You have a busy, rushed, distracted, and sometimes out-of-control life.

At the core of the problem is this: Pinterest pictures the perfect finished project without the issues of everyday life. Pinterest is an isolated picture of a perfect project, chores chart, organizational strategy or inspiring quote.

Which means, when you try to replicate that Pinterest Perfection, you come up with something not quite Pinterest Perfect because your life is not Pinterest Perfect. It just doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

This reality can be very frustrating. Your life will never be quite what it needs to be for Pinterest Perfect to be attained. This may lead to frustration, feelings of inadequacy or even helplessness. If you don’t ever feel these things then this post is not for you, but if you ever struggle with measuring yourself against what you see on Pinterest, we want to help!

Pinterest can be a really effective tool. But it is not effective if you have expectations that lead to frustrations. We want to give you the right perspective on Pinterest and using it as a tool in your life.

Find out next time!