Take a Trip! Introducing the WinterPromise Summer Adventure!

Take A Trip! - Route

Take a Trip!

Touring the National Parks with WinterPromise!

Are you ready to take a tip? Have you ever wanted to drive around the country seeing the sights and getting sucked into every tourist trap you find? Family vacations and trips are a wonderful part of any childhood. If you had family vacations growing up and now with your own family you know how wonderful, hectic, crazy, fun and memorable they can be.

Family vacations are a great way to expose our kids to different places, new sites to see and new food to try. Along with that we also can see where places where huge moments in history happened! This makes history come alive!

Our nation has a great system of National Parks. These state parks are protected places where we can see beautiful parts of creation and also see history, versus just reading about it.

Touring the National Parks

Join us this summer as we take you on a tour to some of the major National Parks around the country. You will get an inside look at each park, learn about their history, their major attractions, special tourist destinations, and other great information.

Every two weeks we will feature a different region of the country. So that where ever you are in the country you can, “take a trip!” Another reason is so that you can plan any future vacations. We have been blessed with the amount of rich history and amazing sites in nature that exist throughout our countey and the parks system that maintains them.

During these two weeks we will sub-divide them. The first week in a particular region we will highlight the different Natural Parks. These parks are dedicated to the natural beauty and phenomena in that particular region. The second week in that region will be focused on  the Historical Parks located. We will highlight the best of the best and also occasionally unearth the less popular parks that are homes to some great tours and sites!


Join us this summer as we Take a Trip!

Starting May 27th!