Take a Trip, Midwest Tour: Jackson Hole & Grand Teton National Park!

Take a trip to: Jackson Hole & Grand Teton National Park!

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

 Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This park has an average of 2.5 million visitors a year. It is one of the top 10 most visited National Parks in the country! Lets go see why! This park is a beautiful spot for families to enjoy the amazing diversity of nature. You will experience impressive mountains, glaciers, rivers, mossy wetlands and much more. You could see a diverse range of animals and ecosystems. Not only will it be beautiful but it will also be quite a learning experience!

History of the Park

The park was originally established in 1872. From 1907-1911 the park took up the task of putting in dams to regulate water flow. In 1929 President Calvin Coolidge signed an executive order to expand the boundaries to include the Teton Mountain Range, which made it 96,000 acres!

Major Attractions

Jackson Lake Dam – This dam was built in 1905 and upgraded to a cement dam in 1916. This dam is quite a site! It’s last upgrade was in 1986. This dam has raised the natural lake level 30 feet since it’s inception! Amazing! This is a beautiful site!

Beautiful Scenic Drives – Grand Teton National Park offers some amazing driving tours. The roads that go through this park offer a wonderful opportunity for viewing the amazing diversity in the natural landscape. Including the epic 42-mile scenic loop!

Hiking/Climbing/Biking – This park also offers great opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. There are great hiking and biking trails, also fishing and camping opportunities as well. It would be a great destination for any bucket list outdoor experiences.

Jackson Hole Rodeo – Another great attraction is in the city of Jackson Hole, where a rich history of rodeos continues. People of any age would be able to enjoy this!

Links to more information:

For more attractions go here — http://www.grand-teton.org/plan-visit/top-10-attractions/

Where to Stay

grand view lodge

There are a lot of places you can stay, hotels, lodges etc! We stayed at the Grand View Lodge, which is associated with Snow King Resort. This was a beautiful location with a wonderful view of the mountains surrounding the Grand Teton Range. For detailed information on places to stay go here: http://www.grand-teton.org/plan-visit/top-10-places-stay/

Fees & Costs of Park

To gain access in the park, each vehicle must pay a one-time fee that is good for that vehicle for 7 days. Meaning you pay one time, and have unlimited access for 7 days! This is great!

Vehicles: $25

Motorcycles: $20

Individuals (Hiking or Biking): $12

This park has so much to offer you and your family!