The Right Mindset to Be Productive: Part Three

Right Mindset

The Right Mindset Part 3

The last two days we have given you advice on how to accomplish what you have to for your family to function.  We have also given you advice on how to accomplish everything else that needs to happen in your life.  All the essential tasks that need to happen for your family to be healthy in all areas of life.

Today we are discussing any unique venture that someone in your family desires to do.  These activities can be difficult to incorporate into your life. These may include:

  • Hobbies
  • Family Vacations
  • Family Get-Togethers
  • Community Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Special Classes

These aspects of your life are like the frosting to a cake.  If you do not have any of these you seem to be missing something but at the same time they are not considered essential.

To have even one or two of these things in your life requires a lot of sacrifice on your part.  If you have multiple children this sacrifice is multiplied even more!  You and your spouse have to decide if there is anything that you would want your children to be able to do.
After that, you and your spouse need to ask yourselves if there were any personal interests you wanted to pursue.  Most parents think it is selfish to even ask the question, but you do need time to invest in your own interests in talents.

How do you plan for such events?  These are difficult to plan for and even to fit into your schedule no matter what.  The best advice we can give is to give yourself as much time.  Here are some different ways to ensure you have enough time to plan for these activities and opportunities.

  • Any sporting events or leagues usually have signups months in advance.  Have a family meeting about what commitments you can make as a family.
  • Stay connected with family through email, social media, phone calls, and even visits.  Try to be an active participate in the planning and communicating of family get-togethers.
  • For any community events local city and county websites keep up to date information.  Again, the key advice here is to plan with your spouse what community events to try to be a part of.
  • Good tools to stay on top of things is Google Calendar.  You can access and coordinate emails as a husband and wife making planning a little easier.

Finally, no matter what you do to stay on top of these opportunities make sure you are on the same page with your spouse.  Being committed and united on what you want to do as a family will be the biggest help to your success.  Working as a team will be the most effective way to do all that you want to do as a family.

Join us tomorrow to be receive more encouragment!