1 Credit in the Following:  History, Culture, Geography, Art, Bible & Science
(1/2 Credit in Science for 7th & Up)

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Civil War & Sweeping West – Print


Civil War & Sweeping West – Ebook

Industrialization to Today – Print


Industrialization to Today – Ebook

  • Daily Lessons Laid Out Weekly
  • Student Schedules for Independent Work
  • Tools that Make it All Open-and-Go
  • Teacher Notes & Instructions
  • Supply Lists for Every Activity
  • Charlotte Mason Helps
  • See a sample of our guide here!
  • Tons of Activities Each Week
  • Offers Hands-On Learners Rich Experiences
  • Recipes, projects, online games, and more!
  • Cultural and Artistic Experiences to Captivate Your Students
  • Tons of Activities Each Week
  • Offers Hands-On Learners Rich Experiences
  • Recipes, projects, online games, and more!
  • Cultural and Artistic Experiences to Captivate Your Students
  • Take Your Family on Wonderful Adventures
  • Read-Aloud as a Family and Make Memories
  • Fun Books that Will be Remembered
  • 3 Different Sets Depending on Your Ages & Needs
  • Learn About Christian Character
  • Have Wonderful Discussions with Your Student
  • Eligible in Ebook Packages Only
  • Enhance Your Notebooking Experience
  • Enjoy our Timeline Figures
  • Take Advantage of our Timeline Cards
  • Use the Cards to Reinforce Important People & Events

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What Will We Study?

Experience the Rich Culture of our Nation in our new American Story 2!

Picking up where American Story 1 left off our American Story 2 brings a unique and exciting learning experience for your family.  As your  family journeys through the turbulent and exciting second half of American history your family will learn and experience all of American Culture.

What will we study?

Here is a list of weekly topics from our American Story 2 guide!

Brother Against Brother
Week 1: The Road to Civil War
Week 2: The Fighting Begins
Week 3: Battlefront & Homefront
Week 4: Turning Points in the War
Week 5: Hardships of War
Week 6: The Union is Preserved

Cowboys, Pioneers & Lawless Towns
Week 7: Reconstruction After War
Week 8: Politics of Reconstruction
Week 9: Homesteads in the West
Week 10: Railroads Span the Country
Week 11: Cowboys & Cattle Drives
Week 12: Final Struggles of Native Americans
Week 13: The Wild West

New Ways of Doing Almost Everything
Week 14: The Dreams of Immigrants
Week 15: American Opportunities
Week 16: Industrialization
Week 17: American Cities
Week 18: American Inventors
Week 19: The New York Subway

Depression & War
Week 20: Teddy Roosevelt & the Progressives
Week 21: World War I
Week 22: The Roaring 20’s
Week 23: The Stock Market Crash
Week 24: The Great Depression
Week 25: Hard Times & FDR
Week 26: The War in Europe
Week 27: World War II
Week 28: World War II Battles
Week 29: World War II Ends

Contented Times, Civil Rights & Communism
Week 30: The 1950’s
Week 31: The Fight for Civil Rights
Week 32: John F. Kennedy
Week 33: The Vietnam War

The Challenge of the Future
Week 34: Space Exploration
Week 35: To the Moon!
Week 36: Life in America Today

What Different Resources are in this Program?

What are the different resources in this study?

American Story 2 Guide – This guide brings all of the open-and-go features that our other guides provide.  Weekly schedules, notes on important topics, parental guidance on any sensitive issues, activity ideas, bonus website links, activity preparation information and much more!

WinterPromise Reading Resources – There are five reading resources exclusively created by WinterPromise that bring in the joy of living books as well the detail and presentation that are highlights of our resources. These five resources will be the spine of what you are reading throughout the year. Alongside of our spine resources we include America Can Do It as a bonus resource that will highlight all the challenges America took on throughout its history.

Living Books – There is a selection of other books brought into the program to bring a diverse perspective and rich reading experiences as a family. They are — Civil War for Kids, World War 2 for Kids, Shutting out the Sky, Six Days in October and Team Moon. These are a part of our “premium” packages and not our “basic” packages.

Activity Resources – We provide two activity resources, the American Achievements Activity Pack & Build Our American Culture. Our American Achievements Activity Pack is a activity resource that will bring American Culture from previous generations right into your home. The Build Our American Culture resource is in ebook only, and is a set of projects that you can build and create. They are intended to be done on cardstock and in full color.

American Story 2 Journal – As always our journaling is a highlight in this program. Your student will have two journals for this program. These journals will be at the center of everything you learn bringing it all together. Rich learning experiences and diverse journaling pages make these journals a truly wonderful learning experience.

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