A Year-Long Plunder or Gothic Quest

Plunder Quest for Grades 4th to 8th
Gothic Quest for Grades 9th to 12th

Students will venture out into a time in human history when barbarians plague the Roman Empire.  Vikings raid coasts in northern seas, lawless marauders roam through Europe, and thieves lie in wait along the Silk Road, the land route to the Far East.  But they’ll also discover the stories behind the Renaissance — a new dawn of knowledge and a time of invention and creativity.  They’ll have great times learning about life in castles and on fiefs, the culture of knights and ladies, cathedrals and Crusades.  Along the way, they’ll follow the exploits of villains and victors, kings and conquerors.  It’s a fantastic plunder quest!  Why not come along?

Introducing the Middle Ages

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