Learn to play the violin with our world-class professional player and instructor Amber Leigh!

Students can enjoy learning to play the beautiful violin as they journey alongside of Amber Leigh. Through video lessons, printable exercises and interactive assignments, and included play-along-songs your student will thrive under Amber’s program. Ready to see our packages? Click on the button below or scroll down for in-depth information on this program.

How it Works

We are excited to release our first Play the Violin with Amber Leigh program. In Play the Violin with Amber Leigh: Level 1 beginner students of almost any age can learn how to play the violin. Through 50 interactive video lessons and other cool features your student will be given the feeling that Amber Leigh is right alongside of them in their living room. See the different components below and how they work together!

The Student will have a student binder – with all the PRINTABLES printed, 3 hole punched, and in order. It will be divided into 4 sections with dividers.
Those sections will be;
1. Practice Journal Pages 
2. Songs 
3. Exercises 
4. Workbook 
In the front of the student binder, in the clear sleeve,  you will place the Printable “CHECKLIST”.  This checklist will ensure that the student has everything out and ready before he/she starts watching the lesson video. 
The student will then start with the video lesson. The guide schedules one lesson per week but it can be slowed down or sped up depending on the success of the student.
After watching the video, student will write down in his/her student journal the following:
2. Listen: (The video lesson will recommend a correlating MP3 song) 
3. Warm Up and Review for that lesson
4. Exercise; correlating MP3 & PDF
5. Song;  & correlating MP3 & PDF
6. Goals – what the teacher recommends for that lesson 
Finally, each day #’s 1-6 (from above) is listed in on the journal. For each assignment there is a star sticker that can be placed to show that it has been done.
Alongside of each lesson there are extra projects, games and workbook assignments. These are scheduled in the parent’s guide.
Video Lessons (VIDEO)

– Fun & Interactive Violin Instruction
– Beginners learn to play step by step
– Ability to watch video lessons over and over

Song Printables (PDF)

– Unlimited Easy Printing
– Large Format Music for kids
– Classical violin & Fiddling
-Fun, Upbeat, tunes! 

Exercise Printables (PDF)

– Learining the Basics
– Technique and Scales
– Fun Rhythm and Note Reading

Workbook Printables (PDF)

– Learn How to Read & Write Music
– Unlimited printing for Unlimited Practice 

Audio Songs (MP3)

– Practice and Performance Play- Along Tracks
– Fun & Engaging songs, including:
-Old Mac Donald Had A Farm
– Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
– And Many Many more!

Audio Exercies (MP3)

– Play along tracks of new lesson concepts
– Scale songs with backing guitar
– Practice & Full Speeds

Supplement Series (VIDEO)

– Extra for the parents including;
– How to Tune a violin
– How to Practice effectively & help you child at home
– Tips and FAQ

Parent Guide & Resources (PDF)

– Full Guide for use of Lesson Series
– Easy to follow Table of Contents & Lesson Outlines
– Printable Practice Journal

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