Children Around the World is one of WinterPromise’s most popular programs — and it recently added a lot of great new resources!  Resources like specially formatted ebooks to enhance each country study, and fun resources like Native Costume Stand-Ups and Country Doodle Placemats.  Parents also love the easy to digest book, “Children of Many Lands,” in which they learn about the history and geography of 3o countries, together with neat information on its traditions, celebrations, cities, landmarks, and more.

Then there are the “you-can-do-it,” easy activities WP has included to introduce your family to the “flavor” of each country.  Great recipes, fun to try games, traditional activities, plus crafts or real-life experiences — these all round out the ready-to-do activities WP has put together for you, to make this program as easy as can be.

To add real meaning and depth to this program, WP offers information on the lives of children, not only in their everyday lives around the world, but also in other settings.  It allows students to see how kids in other parts of the world long for simple things like clean water, a school to attend, enough food to eat, or even just to stay healthy.  It gives kids a chance to do some neat volunteer activities and look at how much they themselves are blessed.

But the heart of this program really is the huge notebooking resource.  WP’s “Travel Diary” for this program includes text on the notable landmarks of each country, its flag and a country map, special finish-it-yourself native costume pages, intriguing mysteries or facts on natural places or manmade cities, castles, towers, or ruins, and so much more!  The Travel Diary runs more than 300 pages long to keep students completing a lot of interactive work and having a blast!

If this wets your appetite for finding out more about this fantastic culture and geography program, you’ll want to enjoy a free download of a study of Great Britain excerpted from this program.  It is below, along with a link to check out Children of Many Lands at winterpromise’s website,

Head Here to Check Out Children of Many Lands Yourself!

Click on the Link Below to Download the FREE Great Britain Study!
It takes awhile to download, because it is 100 pages long!



Read more about Children Around the World on our website here. 

Purchase any of the Children Around the World curriculum here. 

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