Welcome to WinterPromise! We are so glad you have come to our page. We are a Charlotte-Mason inspired company that brings together the best of Charlotte Mason with engaging hands-on activities, rich journaling, an open-and-go setup, and the ability to easily combine multiple students in one theme. We have programs from K-12, including history, culture, geography, language arts and science.

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Experience our Children Around the World program! Perfect for families with children in the grades of 2nd – 6th and even older students.  Travel to more than 20 countries and learn about their histories, cultures, traditions, values and day-t0-day lives.  Children Around the World will enrich your family life as you discuss the quality of lives other families live and the material possession they own. Get outside of your own world by planning weekly “Cultural Gatherings” which will take you into the culture of the people you are studying.  This program is packed with living books, incredible mapping and geography resources, amazing hands-on learning, and best of all our rich interactive journaling.

Use the code: MYSCHOOLCAW to get $25 off the Children Around the World Basic Ebook Package (CAW-BASICEBK). This packages comes with tons of bonus resources to make your year even more engaging!

Looking for an early America history program? Look no more! Dive into early American history with WinterPromise’s American Story 1! This full-color program is rich with unique hands-on learning and packed with over four hundred pages of incredible journaling.  Learn about colonial life, the revolutionary war, the characters and players in the war and much more.  Our reading resources are designed to engage students from the ages of K – 7th grade. Our guide schedule certain passages for older and younger to really make the program work for your family.  With our “Live the American Story” resource you will get weekly activities that explore different aspects of your learning and truly add to your experience. The “Build the American Story” resource is a huge project resource that allows you the opportunity to construct several projects during the year.  Don’t miss out on this incredible program.

Use the code MYSCHOOLAM1 to get $25 off the American Story 1 Basic Ebook Older or Younger package (AM1-BASICEBK-Y; AM1-BASICEBK-O).

Learn more about the program by clicking on the image above!

Learn more about the program by clicking on the image above!

Take to oceans, the skies and even outer space in this unique program. Adventures in the Sea & Sky is a world history program that studies history through the lens of the development of transportation technology. How did advances in ship-building impact nations that used or didn’t use it? What did the invention of flight do to the world and how we fought wars? What did space travel do for the world? All of this is covered in this wonderful program and so much more. Over 300 pages of full-color interactive journaling. Incredible living books bringing the science you study to life. Learn more by clicking on the picture.

Use the code MYSCHOOLSEA for $25 off our Sea & Sky Basic Ebook Package (SS-BASICEBK).

Looking to start your homeschooling journey? Are you just interested in giving your child some preparation for before they go to school? Explore our “I’m Ready to Learn” program for 3-5 year-olds. This program is rich with wonderful hands-on learning, and yet easy to do! This program is flexible and can be tailored to your student’s abilities. Learning is structured into four different environments for your student to learn and grow in.

Use the code MYSCHOOLRDY to get $25 off our Ready to Learn Basic Ebook Package (RDY-BASICEBK).

Learn more about the program by clicking on the image above!

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