I am so excited to share with you today about another Winter Promise family and how they use the curriculum in their home!!

Pauline shares on her blog about how she combines Animals and Their Worlds with Children Around the World!! I’m going to share some of her info here on our blog, but click over to her place to read the full post!

Here’s what Pauline has to say about using Winter Promise and how they combine the 2 programs!

max absolutely LOVES animals and learning about them. so when i stumbled upon winter promise’s animals and their worlds, which a science-based curriculum, i totally jumped on it. we will be going through seven different habitats and studying the animals that are found in them. i’ve spent the last couple weeks going through the teacher’s guide and the resources/books that come with the boxed curriculum, and we even tried out some of the lessons, as random topics of discussion about specific animals came up throughout our days. i have to say that, from what i see and what we’ve tried so far, we are SUPER EXCITED about it!

Here are the Winter Promise exclusives they are using from Animals & Their Worlds: 

– the teacher’s guide

– the habitats, hallows & homes journal

– the animal notebooking pages

– the animal height chart

More subjects & how they included Children Around the World

i am also adding my own component to it as well. since being convicted about some things lately, i’ve been trying to communicate with the kids that there is a world out there with children just like them, yet whose lives may not necessarily look the same. i decided that if we were going to essentially be traveling the globe studying habitats, we might as well take a closer look at the countries those habitats are located in, and meet children who live there! so basically i am adding a very, very, light, introduction to geography/world cultures component to our animals/habitats studies to help give max a global perspective of the world and to enlighten him on the needs of those in other countries so we can pray for them and find ways to help them.i found out winter promise offers a children around the world curriculum that focuses on the plight of children in different countries, but it’s lessons are geared towards older children. i ended up spending a lot of time looking through the specific resources contained in that curriculum and ordered only a few things from them that i thought would possibly compliment our studies this year, and would be age appropriate.

Winter Promise Exclusives they are using from Children Around the World

– children of many lands (i like how the book is written as if you are meeting a child from that country, and he or she is basically giving you a tour of their country)

– the maps & map figures (which are SUPER COOL!!!)

– and the personal involvement and prayer journal (which i purchased in ebook format, and will be the base of our bible-related studies this year)

I love reading about how other families are using Winter Promise! This is the first time I’ve personally read about a family using TWO programs and combining them! How fabulous does their school year sound?!?! If you want to read more details, please check out Pauline’s blog!
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