Hi friends!! I wanted to share a little bit more about Winter Promise Wednesdays in the hopes that some of YOU would like to participate!

As you know, I (Candace,) have just recently started working with Winter Promise mostly in the area of this blog and social media. Well, what I am running into is that a lot of people have not heard of Winter Promise! And, we want to help families learn more about these great resources! I, myself, am a first time Winter Promise user, having purchased Quest for the Ancient World for our upcoming school year. When I started reading through all of the lessons, schedules, book lists and project ideas, I was truly amazed. I wondered WHY I had not tried out this product before. Truly, I am so excited about this curriculum and would not be doing what I’m doing (for the blog and social media) if I didn’t love it.

I want to help spread the word! I want to show-off families that are using Winter Promise in their homes so that other families can see how wonderful it is.

One of the main beauties of homeschooling is how DIFFERENT each of our families are. And that is the case with Winter Promise as well…you see, lots of different types of learners and different types of homeschoolers can use this curriculum and have a great school year. Kaeryn even shared here on our blog about using Winter Promise with different types of learners.

Have you used Winter Promise before?

Do you have pictures of your family doing a project or working on something with your Winter Promise curriculum?

We would love to show-off your family here!

Please leave your email or a message so that I can contact you and we will be in contact!

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  1. Amanda H
    Amanda H says:

    I just recently heard about Winter Promise. I am hoping for a way to make it work finanically for us, but in the meantime, I plan to use some of the freebies over the summer. I love what I see and hope to be a user soon!!!


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