We are starting a brand new series called Winter Promise Wednesdays!  We would LOVE to be able to show-off YOUR families using Winter Promise in your homeschool. Today we are blessed to have a guest post from Jennifer, who has a blog dedicated to their Winter Promise adventures!  Thank you so much for sharing your family with us, Jennifer! 

There’s something special about a homeschool company which fits so well with your family that you keep coming back.  For our family, Winter Promise is that company.  It all started when our oldest son was entering first grade.  We had a FABULOUS year, using WinterPromise’s Animals and Their Worlds theme program along with the first grade Language Arts, which today is called Stories to Short Chapters and features all WinterPromise written readers.

We were excited to dive right into American Story 1 for second grade.  It was so fun and exciting that it inspired our homeschool drama of the year, in which our boy played King Ferdinand to his cousins’ Columbus and Queen Isabella.  We also completed Language Arts 2 from WinterPromise, which today is called Readers to Real Books.  Our science program was World Around Me, which has proved to be a family favorite as well.

The following year was our first year for two full time students.  Middle son joined in the fun, working on Animals and Their Worlds with Language Arts Basic K, which is now titled Letters to Little Words.  Eldest son went on to American Story 2 and completed the new LA3 from Winterpromise, featuring Scout the Dog.  It was a full and exciting year, including the baking of gingerbread men from the resource Last Safe House.


Our fourth year of WinterPromise studies was a lovely mishmash of Adventures in the Sea and Sky, with Younger Learner Guide and Hideaways in History!  It was one of my favorite years, but both programs were SO full that we ended up saving some of the resources for later.  By this time, we had added another little boy to our family, so it was a great joy to watch him scampering in and out of the Hideaway structures.


 WinterPromise has become part of our homeschooling culture.  The joy of side by side learning and sharing is one I would not trade for anything.


Every year, we are excited to find new field trips which bring our studies alive!  Anything from a local interactive Jamestown experience, to Georgia mounds built by Native Americans, to an Air Force Museum or Kentucky Down Under- we take great joy in following our studies into the real world.

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