Sometimes for Winter Promise Wednesday I will be sharing links around the web with you that might be of interest to Winter Promise families!! I also would like to highlight some of our programs or products that you may not be aware of!!

First up: Hole Up in a Homemade Hideaway!


Hideaways in History is a year long program geared towards Kindergarten and First grade students, focusing on history and science! You can read more here about what this program involves and what you will be studying. But, it includes learning about some of the most significant times in history and creating your own hideaway as you learn! FUN!

You will see several individual resources that go along with this year long program. One of those is called Hole Up in a Homemade Hideaway! This is one small product that goes along with the year long program. You could use it with Hideaways in History, or you could use it on its own!

You can find Hole Up in a Homemade Hideaway here on our store site.

Amy, from A Nest in the Rocks, shares how they will be using this product in their home! Here is what Amy says…

I must say, I’m fascinated with this book.  My Little Man is now in first grade, but my Big Helper is in third, so she’s a few years’ past what this book is geared towards, but she’s looked it over and can’t wait to get started.

There is a full years’ worth of hideaway directions in this book, so that’s 30+ building plans.  We won’t be using the book in this way –  we usually park ourselves in a given time period and stay there for several weeks, so we won’t get through the entire book in a year; but who says we have to?

We’ll be using this book for years to come.  Rather than use it as the base of our curriculum (which would be great, if that’s how you plan) we tend to use it as an extension.  It will be a fabulous supplement to the units that we’re already planning.

Come October, when we are learning about ancient Egypt, both as a family and in our book club groups, we’ll be building cardboard pyramids and decorating them with hieroglyphics.

Read Amy’s full post here.

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