WinterPromise Craftsmanship: Grab Your Passports and Prepare for World Travel!

Children Around the World

You are going to love our most popular program, Children Around the World.  You’ll travel through more than thirty countries, encountering their cultures and traditions, crafts and celebra­tions.  But that’s not all!  You’ll learn a ton about world geography and also take a mid-year break to enjoy learning about cultural and religious traditions surrounding Christmas.

Another fantastic part of the journey is learning about the plight of children around the world.  You’ll learn about kids who don’t have access to basic needs like clean water or shelter for the night.  You’ll see how many children must work to survive, and find out how you can help to ease the suffering of children around the globe. Along the way you’ll meet people who have helped to dig wells or care for orphaned children, and meet people who are doing the same today.  You’ll find the effect upon your family is truly priceless!

Activities and learning opportunities this year are focused around easy Cultural Gatherings to prepare for your family.  Prepare meals, entertainment or crafts that will give you further insight into the lands you are studying. Visit fun website links that take you instantly to other sides of the world.  As always, the activities are practical, fun & full of learning!  It’s all very doable!

A Year of Travel, Adventure and Education!

Prepare your passport, because we’re ready to go!  Children Around the World offers you a trip around the globe, dropping you into thirty countries and trying out their culture.  You and your students will love our signature Cultural Gatherings, a special four-week Christmas trip, and the weekly focus on the “Plight of the Children.”  Every single week you will visit a new place. How exciting is that?

As you drop in on “Children Around the World,” you’ll get to know the history, geography, and culture of their countries.  This approach will give your family a complete perspective of each country and all of its unique aspects. How does it do this?

  • You’ll read about and see pictures of each land and its people, and enjoy full-color bonus ebooks!
  • Mapping activities help students learn about each country’s geography.
  • Notebooking work has interactive pages, full-color pictures to add, and more to “take you there!”
  • Hands-on cultural activities allow you to try out parts of the culture or taste its food for yourself.
  • Journaling about the needs of others builds compassion and awareness of global need.
  • Christmastime activities acquaint your family with traditions from all over.
  • Other cultural celebrations are featured throughout the year.
  • Country flashcards help students learn the locations of countries.
  • Other cultural books take you further into regions, countries or important products.

Unique Resources and Unique Gatherings

Your students will create their own unique International Notebook! The “Make-Your-Own” World Travels Diary allows your family to notebook all your international stops en route this year! An assortment of pages will have students illustrating, responding to questions, creating artwork, writing out words in other languages, and adding the included full-color pictures of landmarks around the world. To see a sample of this resource click HERE!

You will also get to map your travels on the way! You will do this with our exclusive “Travel-with-Me Maps!” We’ve created an exclusive set of full-color country or regional maps that you’ll just love. They are the perfect background for your student to add included, full-color figures each week as you visit countries from Australia to Zimbabwe! Figures show children in native dress for each country, famous landmarks, a nation’s products, or notable facts about the countries. We’ve also added a write-on/wipe-off map set so students can practice labeling countries for their geography study.

Maybe the best parts of this program are the unique festival gatherings your family will get to enjoy! Your activities this year will be geared around a weekly gathering — a Brazilian “Carnaval,” an English Tea, even a water festival called Songkran from Thailand.  As always, the fun is something you’ll really love doing, and practical! Whether you complete the whole cultural gathering or just try part of it, oodles of great, flexible ideas are provided for you that everyone will enjoy.

Educational Depth!

In Children Around the World you will experience an educational experience that is vast in its topic of study and deep in its experience of those studies. Here is a list of all the countries you will study in this program!


  • Hello World


  • Introducing Europe
  • The British Isles
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland & the Netherlands
  • France
  • Germany & Poland
  • Russia
  • Spain & Portugal
  • Italy
  • Greece

Christmas Traditions

  • European Christmas
  • American Christmas
  • Non-Western Christmas
  • Asian Christmas

The Americas

  • Introducing the Americas
  • The United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Peru


  • Introducing Africa
  • Libya
  • Kenya
  • Cameroon
  • Zimbabwe

Asia & the Middle East

  • Introducing Asia & the Middle East
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq
  • India
  • China
  • Japan
  • Thailand

The Pacific

  • The Pacific Islands
  • Australia

Israel and Egypt are not covered because they are extensively covered in our Quest for the Ancient World program which gives us the opportunity to focus more of our time on other countries.

To go along with this huge list of topics that you still study we have a resources list that matches it.  We offer you many different resources to guide you through your exciting travels. Check out our list of resources HERE!

Learn About the Lives of Children

Children Around the World is so named because of our emphasis on the lives of children around the world! The benefits your family will experience from this aspect alone will be worth the year’s study. Your children will be given a window into the lives of other children.

There are three major fruits of this focus: 1) They will see how children’s lives differ from their own. The world is rich with life and different experiences. They will know that not everyone thinks the way they do nor experience the same things they do! 2) They will recognize the suffering of different children around the world. These are topics that are heavier in nature, but in seeing some of the suffering in the world that other children their age experience, we hope it will give them a vision for how they can help and make a difference. Take this opportunity to help your kids grow in compassion for others. 3) They will understand the unique blessings of living where they do with your family. Our heart in this program is not only to teach geography and cultures but to help our families see their children grow in their heart for others and the hurts of others. We desire to expand their vision of the world and for the lives of others.

Our Children Around the World will be a wonderful experience for your family. It is one of our most popular programs and one that will work with multiple ages. You can include children from 2nd and 3rd grades all the way to your older students in 7th to 9th grade! Wow! This makes the program accessible and exciting. The “cultural gatherings” provide a unique opportunity for your older and younger students to work together and enjoy in different ways these accessible and fun activities! There is no program out there like this one.

We invite you to travel abroad and discover history, culture and geography in our Children Around the World program.