WinterPromise Unit Studies

Below are a collection of shorter unit studies to interest any family! Enjoy rich journaling, compelling hands-on learning, interesting reading and discussion, all in one study! Whether you are looking for a short break from your main study or you do unit studies on a variety topics our studies will be a perfect fit. All of them are digitally downloaded and require either no outside resources or just one. A perfect, simple, rich homeschooling experience all in one.

They are divided into semesters and studies. A semester of studies mean that if you use all of the studies in the “semester” there are enough weeks in each study to at least have 16-20 weeks of material. If it is listed under “studies” then that means they may not total the 16-20 weeks. Enjoy!

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Ancient World Semester

9-Week Study in Early Peoples

6-Week Study of Rome

Study Gladiators & Their Skills!
(Best when used alongside of Ancient Rome Study)

6-Week Science Study on Our World

Science Studies

A 9-Week Study of Our Solar System

A Study of Volcanos

A Study of Ancient Sea Creatures

6-Week Science Study on Our World

Holidays & Other Topics

3-Week Study of the First Thanksgiving

A 3-Week Study of the First Christmas

A 10-Week Study of the Civil War

A 1-Week Chess Introduction & Study

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