“A Knight’s First Moves” is a great way to teach students from K-4th grade how to play chess. The guide coordinates all of your chess resources for the year. Your student will learn how the pieces move, how to win the game, basic strategy and basic tactics. Inside this guide you will also be given fun activities that will provide a lot of fun and great discussion opportunities. Websites will be provided as another way to explore the chess world!

If you know as little as your young knight, do not worry! The guide will give you everything you need to feel equipped to teach your student.

This chess program is designed to be done in 30 minutes or less, a day. The schedule is flexible and can work with your situation!

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A Knight’s First Moves

What’s in the Knight's First Moves Guide?

This program is a great way to introduce your student to chess! Chess has many benefits educationally: logical thinking, self-discipline, critical thinking skills, teamwork and much more! Chess is also lots of fun and has endured through the ages as one of history’s best-loved strategy games. WinterPromise wants to provide a parent-friendly and student-loved approach.

We combine activities, reading, and even online tools to give your child a unique and fun experience. If you are worried that you know as much or maybe even less than your child-have no fear! In our Teacher’s Guide we offer parent helps and notes to tell you how to teach the particular subject you are studying even if it is brand new to you! Go on an adventure with your Young Knight this year!

What are the A Knight's First Moves Resources:

Charlie and the Chess Set:

Charlie is a pretty normal kid. But he is shortly going to find things taking a turn for the extraordinary! When he becomes frustrated trying to learn the rules of chess, Charlie is whisked off to a world of giant living chess pieces who take turns showing him how they move. Each piece has its own story and role in the Game. They share with Charlie the importance of teamwork, sacrifice and loyalty that he will need as a Player. Charlie and the Chess Set teaches beginning chess players all the rules of the Game, the concept of pieces working together, and chess notation. Adventure, imagination and family values combine to create a unique method of learning that players will not soon forget.

Chess for Kids:

International Master Basman puts 20 years of experience teaching children how to play chess into this systematic, succinct, and thorough book. Dedicating each page to a different topic, he guides readers through the rudiments of the game, from explaining the pieces and setting up the board to special moves, essential techniques, and attack and defense strategies that players must know to win. Especially interesting for readers entirely new to the game are anecdotes in the “Check it out” section, which explain the origins of chess and how the game has figured in literature, language, and even history.

Chess Rules for Students:

This resource will take your students through the basic rules of chess. This resource will be vital in developing an understanding of the rules of chess. It is simple and clear in its approach and will make learning the rules of chess easy.

If you have multiple students you will need to purchase one copy of these for each student.

The Chess Tactics Workbook:

Tactics are a foundational part of chess. This workbook takes your student from the fundamentals of checkmate, basic tactics and even looking for the best move. Woolum takes students in a step-by-step approach through these topics which makes it easy to track a student’s progress.

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