• Rich, Intriguing Reading
  • Interactive Journaling
  • Easy-to-Do Activities
  • Try-It Experiences
  • Online Links & Videos
  • Nature Study


Education should be tailored for the growth of the whole child with an understanding of the diversity of gifts and abilities our children possess.


Education should fit your family not your family fitting to education.

“What a child digs for becomes his own possession.”

Charlotte Mason

This creates a JOYFUL and positive connection to learning and education that will set the student up for lifelong habits of learning.

Rather than telling answers, we want families to discover their adventures – ensuring that their adventures become their own!

Hear from our WinterPromise author on how to do this below!

Rich Education

Choose Homeschool for the wealth of learning opportunities and the freedom to move at your child’s pace.

Growth & Development

Choose Homeschool for the character growth encouraged, the good habits formed, and the broadening of skills!

Family Experiences

Choose Homeschool for the benefits of being together as a family! Learn together. Make memories together!

A Joy & Love for Learning

Choose Homeschool! There is so much to discover and explore about our world and our history! Focus on inspiring your children to learn and discover.